Tearing down an old Leven landmark

Gasometer on Aitken Street in Leven.
Gasometer on Aitken Street in Leven.

A well-known landmark - or should that be eyesore? - in Leven will soon be a distant memory after the decision was taken to dismantle it.

The town centre gasometer, or gas holder as it is more commonly known now, is currently being torn down by its owners SGN.

The huge structure, on Leven’s Aitken Road, directly opposite Sainsbury’s supermarket, was built in 1956, but has failed to pass the test of time, and will be completely gone just as 2016 begins.

Claire Buchanan, spokesman for SGN – which has owned the gas holder since 2005 – said: “Gasholders are old and the technology is no longer efficient as they require significant maintenance to keep them in a safe state.

“We can now store gas in pipes, which is much more cost effective.

“The work to dismantle the gas holder is expected to take approximately 12 weeks. There will be no road closures required while the work is being carried out.”

She added that there are currently no plans for the land.