Teeing up the golf stars of the future at Leslie

Alfie, Olivia and Harry Ward with Kevin Chapman and Club professional David Moffat. Pic: FPA
Alfie, Olivia and Harry Ward with Kevin Chapman and Club professional David Moffat. Pic: FPA

A programme designed to find the golfing stars of the future has been hailed a success by Leslie Golf Club.

Six local budding young Tiger Woods recently completed a 10 week course designed as an introduction to the game and the etiquette involved.

And it proved to be such a hit with the youngster that club captain Kevin Chapman says they are now planning to hold more next season.

He said: “It was 10 sessions, one a week, which teaches the basics of the game.

“Since then two of the juniors have joined which is great for the club.”

The course cost just £30 and for that you were given a license and also a membership.

Kevin said: “The professionals taking part have been very generous. They did it for free and basically just for a love of the game.”

The captain said the club has been given a “real boost” by the success of the course and will hold more in the future,

“This was really just a case of us dipping our toe in the water with these first sessions but the feedback has been excellent. The youngsters have come back since and used the course which is exactly what we were after.

“The facilities we have here are excellent and they are there to be used and that’s the message we want to get out.

“We’ll be looking to go further afield next year.

“All the money made goes directly to the club and it doesn’t matter if you’re Leslie, Glenrothes or wherever, the facilities are there to be used.

“We’re planning to talk to primary schools and the teachers and continue with this programme and help boost our junior membership and get kids interested in the game.”

Golfing ‘Far & Sure’ for over 100 years...

Leslie Golf Club has over 100 years of tradition behind it.

Formed on March 1 1898 with Mr Charles Anderson as its first chair, it carries the motto ‘Far and Sure’ .

Mr Anderson became the club’s first president and is warmly remembered to this day for his pivotal role in the club’s history with the Anderson Trophy played for each year.

The club has been playing on its current location since 1902.