Teen faces lengthy sentence for brutal attack

Lewis Anderson
Lewis Anderson

A man who brutally battered a female ambulance technician with a piece of wood in a random, unprovoked attack later told cops: “I had been drinking Buckfast for the first time - I’m never drinking it again.”

Lewis Anderson was today told that the “appalling” attack - which he blamed on the controversial tonic wine - could merit a sentence of nine or more years.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard Kathryn Wheater was walking home from a friend’s house in Cupar in the early hours of September 20 when she came upon Anderson in the town’s Hill Crescent.

Anderson later told cops that the two bottles of Buckfast he had consumed had made him “pumped and angry” and that he “just had to beat the crap out of someone”.

The 18-year-old was standing holding a large piece of wood which looked like it had been broken from a fence.

Without warning or provocation Anderson walked up to Miss Wheater and smashed her across the face with the wood.

He then hit her again as she fell to the ground before standing over her as she lay on the pavement and repeatedly punched her on the face.

Miss Wheater (38), who was off duty at the time, tried to fight back and Anderson only fled after she bit him on the leg.

Violent Anderson later bragged of the attack to a pal and told him she was a “strong wee f****r”.

And he later told police investigating the attack: “I’m never drinking Buckfast again.”

Fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson told the court that Miss Wheater sustained a broken nose and significant bruising in the attack - which took place the day before she was due to go on holiday.

She said: “Whilst on her way Miss Wheater saw the accused standing five metres in front of her.

“She had never seen him before.

“He was holding a piece of wood that looked like it had come from a fence.

“He walked straight towards her and struck her on the face with the piece of wood.

“He later told police ‘I was coming back and was so pumped and angry and thought I feel sorry for the poor f****r who walks past me’.

“He added ‘It’s the first time I’ve hit someone - I just had to beat the crap out of someone’.

Finally, he said ‘I think she got considerably lucky - if it would have been a man I’d have hit him more’.”

First offender Anderson, a prisoner at HMP YOI Polmont, pleaded guilty on indictment to a charge of assault to severe injury carried out on Hill Crescent, Cupar, on September 20.

Sue Williams, defending, said the attack carried out by Anderson - who worked as an administrator for a joinery firm - was “totally out of character”.

She said: “It was undoubtedly an appalling incident and made worse by the comments he made afterwards.

“He drank two bottles of Buckfast having never drunk it before and he just flipped.

“This was a woman quite innocently walking home in the early hours.”

Sheriff Alistair Brown told Anderson he would consider remitting the case to the High Court for sentencing as his starting point for determining the final prison term “could be nine or more years”.

He said: “It’s striking that this is a young woman who does a very useful job for the community on the one hand, and the accused on the other drinks Buckfast and does this.

“The contrast between them is very striking.

“A significant prison sentence is inevitable.

“This is an appalling assault which might well justify nine years plus as a starting point.”

Sentence was deferred until January for social work background reports and Anderson was remanded in custody meantime.