Teen parent project saved from closure

The Kirkcaldy Teen Parent playgroup receives its Netmums certificate
The Kirkcaldy Teen Parent playgroup receives its Netmums certificate

A KIRKCALDY project which supports young parents has been saved from the axe after funding was secured to allow it to continue.

The town’s Teen Parent Project which offers advice and support to young people facing the prospect of becoming parents, and also runs a special teen parents playgroup, was facing the danger of having to close, as funding was due to run out at the end of next month.

However this week Fife Gingerbread, the parent charity which runs the initiative in Kirkcaldy and other towns, said it had managed to secure additional money to allow it to keep going.

It is now celebrating after securing £48,770 to continue the Teen Parent Project in the Central Fife area. The news comes at a crucial time for the Kirkcaldy project as the current funding was coming to an end in September.

The grant, which was awarded by the Big Lottery Young Start initiative, means that the one-to-one support work, as well as the two groups which were facing the axe in Linktown and Gallatown areas, will be able to continue their vital work with teen parents for at least another year.

This new funding will also allow the Teen Parent Project scope to develop and expand, with a group in Kirkcaldy North looking to be established in the near future.

The good news comes only a few weeks after the Linktown Group was named one of the best in the East of Scotland by Britain’s largest parenting site Netmums.com.

Rhona Cunningham, manager of Fife Gingerbread, said: “We have been working very hard to secure the future of the Teen Parent Project in the Kirkcaldy area, so it’s a great relief to have been given this funding. We’ve had a lot of support in highlighting how crucial the project is in the area, and for that we are very grateful.”

Louise Morris, who has been working with the project since its inception, said: “It was a great feeling being able to tell the groups that we had been given funding for another year. The support we give is crucial to the teen parents, and the prospect of losing that was very worrying.”

Information on the Teen Parent Project is available on (01333) 303124 or Facebook.com/TeenParentProject.