Teenagers are making the area a ‘war-zone’

William West with residents petition following teenage disturbances at the fair
William West with residents petition following teenage disturbances at the fair

Under siege Auchmuty residents are planning to act following a number of antisocial behaviour incidents involving gangs of youths, reports NEIL HENDERSON.

The latest involved around a hundred teenagers attending the recent Warout fireworks display. Locals report teenagers as young as thirteen openly drinking in the street.

A number of fights took place in and around the Pinkerton Road area, damage to cars, gardens and other private property was also reported.

Fife Police, who had an increased presence at the event made a number of arrests.

The long suffering residents are now demanding that ‘Enough is enough’ and have called on Fife Council and Constabulary to clamp down on the unruly behaviour.

Pinkerton Road resident, William Watt told the Gazette: “The area has become a war-zone and the locals round here are now sick of it.

““I had several teenagers fighting and causing damage in my garden and youths were openly urinating against peoples houses.

“People who came out to complain were abused and swore at, it was disgusting. Every time that the fair ground comes to the local area we are subjected to this torment from visiting youths who are using the fair as a staging ground for trouble.”

Already more than 60 signatures have been added to a public petition by local residents who want to see a ban on any future fairground licences being granted by Fife Council.

Another resident, Lorraine Hazle-Jones said: “It’s at the weekends that we need sufficient number of police to control the crowds of youths, without enough officers there’s always going to be trouble.”

Ross Vettraino, who witnessed the behaviour first hand, made it clear he would support a move to stop any future licences being issued.

He added: “It was quite incredible what I witnessed. Young teenagers on opposite sides of the street openly drunk and acting abusively towards each other and to those living in the area.

“Thisis totally unacceptable and highlights some of the deep seated social problems we have in some parts of our society today.

“I will vigorously oppose any future licensing of events being used in this way and will support the resident in any way I can.”

A Police spokesman said: “There were no problems caused by the fireworks display itself, all problems occurred after the event.

“There was two assaults and attempts to prevent the course of justice, a woman was taken into custody for breach of the peace, three fixed penalties for anti-social behaviour were issued, two were charged for assault against the police and we’re investigating another two assaults.”