Television ad campaign helped save Ian’s life

Maureen MacNeill and her partner Ian Young. Photo: WALTER NEILSON.
Maureen MacNeill and her partner Ian Young. Photo: WALTER NEILSON.

LEVEN woman, Maureen MacNeill, helped save her partner’s life after he suffered a stroke last weekend thanks to a television advert.

Ian Young suffered a stroke in the street last Sunday after Maureen’s 70th birthday party.

But his partner’s quick actions in recognising he had had a stroke, calling the ambulance and informing medics what was wrong were down to the FAST campaign adverts on television.

By the time Ian (73), was rushed to the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy, staff were waiting for him, ready to carry out a CAT scan and treat him.

Maureen said: “As soon as I saw him I knew it was a stroke.

“We had seen the advert on TV just days before and we’d discussed it.

“It was a classic case of it.

“His whole face had gone round the corner and his speech was slurred worse than a drunk man’s.”

However, at the hospital Maureen witnessed a remarkable change in her partner after treatment restored the blood flow to his brain.

She continued: “I watched my lovely boy’s face come back again.

“It was amazing.

“Honestly, sitting watching his face literally slide back in to place was magical.

“The hospital staff were so happy for us and it’s thanks to them I have my boy back.

“Both the hospital and the ambulance staff, I can’t thank them enough.”

After spending a few days in hospital, Ian returned home last week and Maureen said he was recovering well.

“He is sitting at home now, as chirpy as a cricket,” said Maureen.

“I would like to raise awareness of the fact that if you act quickly, you can save a life.

“With strokes, speed is the key.

“There is only a limited window of time, but if people recognise someone is having a stroke and act quickly then there’s the chance of being as lucky as I feel we are.”