Tentsmuir car park opens again

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The beach side car park at Tentsmuir Forest opens again on Monday - after essential work to make the car park safe started last month, but Forest Enterprise Scotland has warned that there is still much to do on the site.

Robin Lofthouse, from Forest Enterprise Scotland’s Tayside team explained; “We had to remove a significant number of unstable trees many of which were at risk of coming down during a storm, but the operation was far from easy. We have managed to remove all of the ‘at risk’ trees but recent snow, ice and rain has meant that we were working on very wet and soft ground and this has resulted in more damage than we had hoped.

“We’ve made a section of the car park usable and we will come back in the New Year to continue the tidy up work across the rest of the site. With the trees removed the site certainly looks very different – it looks like we’ve taken out more trees than we actually have – but it will begin to look a lot more natural next year when the site begins to ‘green up’ again.

“We really appreciate the patience that people have had whilst we did this and we think that they’ll appreciate the more open layout – and the fact that the ‘at risk’ trees have been removed.”

Many of the trees at the car park had shallow, poorly developed roots and were growing in a weak sandy soil. Their size and weight meant that they had reached a point where they were unstable and could easily have been blown over in the next big storm.