Tesco axe plans for new Glenrothes store

Tesco will not be coming to Glenrothes
Tesco will not be coming to Glenrothes

Supermarket giants Tesco have announced they will not be building a supermarket in Glenrothes.
The decision puts and end to a decade-long saga regarding the proposed new store that was to be built on land including North Street in the town centre.

Adam Williams,Tesco’s corporate affairs spokesman issued a statement to councillors saying: “We have made the decision not to proceed with a new store in Glenrothes.

“This was a difficult decision and one not taken lightly, we have undertaken a detailed review of all our new store requirements in the area and decision is made in light of the current economic climate and changing shopping habits.

“I know the decision will be a disappointing one to many within the local community and we are grateful for their support in our plans.”

Tesco now hope to secure planning consent for a new store in Dunfermline with construction earmarked to start in March 2014 if approved.

Councillor Altany Craik, chairman of the Glenrothes Area Committee that while the decision is a disappointing one, it could also serves up other opportunities for town centre redevelopment plans.

He told the Gazette: “On the face of it, Tesco’s decision is disappointing but it has now cleared the way for other ideas and plans that will work for the people of this town in turn create a new and vibrant town centre.

“I appreciated that Tesco have finally made their position clear, they’ve obviously had to make some serious commercial decisions with regard to Glenrothes.

“Many people saw the Tesco’s plans as a handbrake on development and now that the way has been cleared, it offers a great many other options and I find that a very exciting prospect.

“Clearly there are lessons to be learned from this and we must take that forward so that the people of Glenrothes are not left wondering if anything will ever happen to improve their town centre.”

Reacting to the announcement councillor John Beare said: “I am deeply disappointed, but not surprised by the decision of Tesco.

“They have treated this town and its residents disgracefully for more than a decade as they played their corporate games.

“The impact on both, the YMCA and the CISWO, who have put their development plans on hold waiting for these supermarket giants to reach a decision, is immeasurable.

He added: “I have today, sought a meeting with the new owners of the Town Centre (Mars Pensions Trust Ltd) to seek to understand their future plans.

“I am sure that the Council will continue to work with the new owners to examine how we can support the future enhancement of the retail offering of the town centre.”