Tesco faces further flak as Cupar site lies abandoned

The grafitti on Tesco's hoardings
The grafitti on Tesco's hoardings

Retail giant Tesco has come in for derision again as frustration mounts in Cupar over its continuing silence about plans for the town.

Bosses have promised that they are still committed to investing in Cupar and will announce their intentions at the end of May - exactly five years after first being granted planning permission to extend their existing store.

But local people are getting fed up with the uncertainty surrounding the South Road site and, it’s claimed, are boycotting the store in protest.

This week an anonymous graffiti ‘artist’ vented their feelings by chalking a large white elephant on the hoardings surrounding the undeveloped land Tesco owns next to the existing store, while another angry shopper contacted the Fife Herald to criticise the company for accommodating a mobile car wash in the car park.

“How are Tesco’s getting away with this?” he said.

“A large tract of land is hideously fenced off and unused, yet they permit a mobile carwash to use their car park (presumably at a cost to the operator) and block/restrict the already narrow pavement at the bottom of St Michaels Drive in Cupar. This is the pavement used by all the parents and schoolchildren going to and from Castlehill; mums and dads with prams and buggies, not to mention the elderly and infirm, are now faced with this device which is supplying water for the ‘carwash’.

“More and more are boycotting the local store, so perhaps they need this little money earner to survive.

“This surely cannot have the blessing of the Council! There are three cones and a pipe across the pavement extracting water from a hydrant outwith their premises!”

David Brown of Fife Council said: “Activities within the car park are a matter for Tesco to consider but if that activity impacts upon the public road network then permission from Fife Council is required. In this case we have not been asked for permission and a Council officer has spoken to Tesco to bring this to their attention. If we find the pavement blocked again without permission we will take action to have the blockage removed.”

Tesco did not respond to our request for a comment.