Tess is all set for top art show in Poland

Tess standing at the lion statue in Gliwice.
Tess standing at the lion statue in Gliwice.

An acclaimed Kirkcaldy artist is set to showcase her work at a huge festival in Poland involving artists from around Europe.

And in preparation for the Art Day event in Gliwice, Poland, Teresa Doughty is currently taking part in a 10-day workshop organised by the city’s council in conjunction with the local artists’ union.

The project has come about through Kirkcaldy-based arts promoter Katarzyna Jajczkow who was the brainchild behind the Polish event before she came to Scotland almost three years ago.

“I saw Tess’ work displayed in the High Street and thought it was something which would go down well in Poland, so I contacted some former colleagues to see if they were interested before I even asked her!” explained Kate.

“I was delighted when she jumped at the chance to take part and we organised it from there.”

Tess will meet with other artists, 10 from Poland and 10 from central Europe in the 10-day workshop, painting new work to feature in the Art Day event on June 20. She will also take part in social functions and visit places of interest in the area.

As she arrived in Gliwice on Monday, Tess said she was impressed by the city.

Teresa (67), lives in the town’s Church Street. She specialises in Highland landscapes and seascapes and writes poetry. She was shortlisted for the J D Fergusson Prize twice.

In a poem ‘May in Gliwice’ written shortly after arriving, she wrote:

“Your lovely city warms my heart

The generous spirit spilling over

This cup is full and giving so

And heals the past of war in Europe

Let Art build bridges with our land

And quicken Spring in all our futures.”