That’s Fife ... and that’s top comedy!

Grant Stott will be part of Fife Comedy Festival
Grant Stott will be part of Fife Comedy Festival

Radio presenter Grant Stott created a hit with his musical parody ‘That’s Fife’, now he’s set to host a comedy show of the same title.

The DJ, actor and raconteur helped promote the first ever Fife Comedy Festival last week as he braved the cold of the Forth for a photo-shoot and prepared for his first ever appearance on a comedy bill.

However he’s quick to point out that he’s not a stand up comic and is only hosting the ‘That’s Fife’ comedy night at Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline on Saturday, April 12.

The evening features home-grown Scottish funny men Fred MacAulay, Scott Agnew and Vladimir McTavish.

The event is part of the first ever Fife Comedy Festival which takes place at On at Fife theatres across theKingdom from April 1-13.

Grant said he’s looking forward to coming to Carnegie Hall.

He explained: “I was there for the first time last week and had a look around. It looks fantastic. I’m rather excited and very nervous about doing this as it’s not something I have ever done before, appear on a comedy night bill like this.

“When Karen Koren from Gilded Balloon first asked me to do this I said to her I’m not a stand up comedian, but she assured me that the role is purely as the host.”

Expect tall tales and perhaps a wee song from the police officer turned radio and TV presenter/newspaper columnist and pantomime villain.

Grant added: “Given the history with ‘That’s Fife’ and the song, Karen wanted to call it that and it seemed fitting that I should be involved.Who knows, I may even do a rendition.”

On the night Grant will be joined on stage by fellow radio presenter, comedian and friend, Fred McAulay.

Also on the bill is Vladimir McTavish who serves up a feast of social observation and topical satire and Scott Agnew, a master storytellere.

Grant hopes that Fifers will get behind the festival and help to make it a huge success.

He said: “I really hope the community gets right behind this. I know how successful comedy is in Edinburgh with the Fringe and all the years that’s been running.

“Edinburgh is of course a bit different, but the people of Fife should get behind this comedy festival as it is very much for them as opposed to the Fringe which is for the tourists.

“There’s some top comedy for people to see during this festival and it would be great if people could get behind it and it was a big success for Fife.”

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