That’s my GIRL!

Jonny Bell with baby Jessica
Jonny Bell with baby Jessica

A Kirkcaldy dad got more than he bargained for this Christmas after he helped deliver his baby on the bathroom floor!

Jonny Bell and wife Emma, a renal nurse at Victoria Hospital, had been expecting the arrival of their second child this month.

Jonny and Emma Bell with son Michael and new arrival Jessica.

Jonny and Emma Bell with son Michael and new arrival Jessica.

But the little girl, who they have named Jessica, had other ideas.

“Emma had had a few tremors a day or two before the birth, but just dismissed them because she thought it was still too early,” said Jonny, also dad to 19-month-old Michael.

“The night before I had been up with Michael because he wasn’t settling. Almost as soon as I went back to bed, Emma was up.

“She didn’t really realise that she was in labour, but when she did, she thought she had plenty of time because it had taken so long with Michael.”

However, Emma’s labour was to progress much quicker than either had anticipated.


By 6.15 a.m., Jonny had already called the maternity unit at Victoria Hospital to let them know they were coming in.

“We woke Michael up, and he just sat and read his book - he was totally unphased.”

And just 20 minutes later, Emma told Jonathan the paramedics would have to come to them.

“Everything went so quickly,’’ he said.

‘‘By about 6.48, Jessica had already been born.

“I had a midwife on the phone the whole time telling me what to do and to keep Emma calm, but it was pretty scary.”

Paramedics arrived within minutes of the birth and Jonathan and Emma praised all of the staff for their help.

“They were brilliant, talking Jonny through everything and keeping him calm,” said Emma.

Although she was born nearly four weeks premature, little Jessica, named after Emma’s granny, weighed in at a healthy 6 lbs 10 oz and spent just two nights in hospital, returning home two weeks early on Christmas Day.

Emma said: “I was just so relieved she was OK and it was a lovely surprise to have her home for Christmas.”