The appliance of science, Ince by Ince ...

Robin Ince''Kirkcaldy Comedy Fesdtival
Robin Ince''Kirkcaldy Comedy Fesdtival

ROBIN Ince wants us to enjoy science.

Don’t worry - he’s not going to go all standard-grade chemistry teacher on you, with text books and test tubes.

Even if you hated the subject - or were just bamboozled by it Ince has such a way with words, comedic timing and one-liners, you’ll walk away having laughed your socks off and wanting to find out more about this thing called evolution.

Ince comes to Kirkcaldy after a hugely successful, sell-out tour with Professor Brian Cox - the mesmerising man who got us all hooked on Wonders of the Universe, and once played keyboard for D-Ream - and this time is doing his own solo show dedicated to science - or rather ‘Happiness Through Science’.

He said: “I’d become a bit bored of stand-up and wanted to do other things.

‘‘I suddenly found something I wanted to talk and write about, and began doing ‘The Infinite Monkey Cage’ on Radio 4 with Brian and things stemmed from there.

‘‘People know I’m not a scientist - I’m an idiot - but it’s about not fearing something just because it’s difficult.”


Ince’s show has received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike.

His ability to make a room laugh hard while imparting wisdom obviously works - so much so that his Radio 4 show has just won a Sony Gold Award, and the response to his ‘Uncaged Monkeys’, tour was phenomenal.

“It was tremendously exciting,” he continued. I did the nonsense stuff and they talked about some big, major ideas.

‘‘I’m very lucky when I think of all the people with jobs they have to do and here I am in a position with a subject I love. It’s great!

So how does a comedian balance belly laughs with particle physics?

“It can be very hard to do jokes when you have to first of all give the information to do the punch line, but I like the challenge. Hopefully this is something different.”

And while Ince has been travelling through Fife almost every week while touring, this will be the first time he’s been in Kirkcaldy in five years.

“The last time I was here it was at Adam Smith Theatre. They said ‘We have no idea why you’re here on a Monday because no-one will come’.

‘‘I thought well I’m not doing anything else, so why not? It was a great night - I ended up going to a pub quiz afterwards with a group of goths!

”A few people have asked if Kirkcaldy will like science. It’s the home of Adam Smith - of course they will!”