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VLADIMIR McTavish is returning to Kirkcaldy next month, where he will be giving the town an insight into his year of bizarre betting.

The comic, who will be making his third appearance at the Kirkcaldy Comedy Festival, knows only too well what it’s like to win thousands - and lose it all again with one wrong prediction.

‘A Scotsman’s Guide To Betting’, Vladimir’s newest stand-up show, follows the comedian’s trials and tribulations as he tried to make thousands from hundreds over the course of a year.

And after a hectic month at the Fringe, Vladimir is happy to be coming back to the Lang Toun for a more relaxed affair

“The Kirkcaldy Comedy Festival is great,” the comic told the Press.

Great venues

“You get a much more genuine response from the audience when it’s part of something like this.

‘‘Quite often in bigger places you will be doing it in a room that’s not designed for entertainment, whereas in Kirkcaldy you are almost always in a pub, where people feel much more relaxed.”

The show in question will be at Betty Nicols, and will take the audience on a journey with Vladimir as he attempts to change £100 into £7000.

“It all started because a friend of mine was doing a show at the Fringe and he lost £7000 - which isn’t unusual,” Vladimir said.

“We ended up in a casino that night - ironically enough the one place the licensing people let you drink late. I won £100 that night, and I wanted to see if I could make up the £7000 before the Fringe 2011.”

He didn’t manage it, but the experiment did result in a lot of material for the show - from betting on the outcome of the Scottish elections (he won £1000), to putting a line on the Ayr races while in Hong Kong (he also won, but got the time difference mixed up and lost the whole lot while he was on a flight to Thailand).

Alter ego

“I ended up with £700,” Vladimir continued, “and ended up spending it on a holiday. We took a Ryanair flight, which ended up being the biggest risk of the whole year.”

As well as brilliantly observant stand-up, Vladimir will also be bringing back alter-ego Bob Doolally.

The football pundit, ex-player and after-dinner speaker who takes questions during his character-driven show based on the beautiful game.

Bob Doolally: Live and Half Cut is at Victoria Hotel, and, says Vladimir, “I couldn’t come to Kirkcaldy and not talk about Raith.”

A Scotsman’s Guide to Betting: September 30, Betty Nicols.

Bob Doolally: Live & Half Cut - October 2, Victoria Hotel