The bottom line - Raith fan’s unique cup final tattoo!

Scott's cup final tattoo
Scott's cup final tattoo
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Scott Watson was so delighted by Raith Rovers’ recent Ramsdens Cup win he had the match details tattooed ... on his backside!

The supporter from Thornton had the cup final scoreline, venue and date all inked permanently on to his skin ... not that he will see it without looking in a mirror!

Scott Watson

Scott Watson

The 25-year old revealed the tattoo came after a chat led to a bet ... and a visit to a tattooist!

He said: “The idea came about after an innocent conversation that actually ended up in a bet!

“Even though I am a life-long Raith Rovers fan, I didn’t think that they would win against Rangers.

‘‘I told my friends that if they did, I’d get a tattoo to comemmorate the match.

“I posted on Facebook and Twitter that I was planning on getting the artwork done and knew then that I wouldn’t be able to back out.

“And I am a man of my word!”

After his beloved team’s historic 1-0 extra-time victory over Rangers, Scott knew that he would have to put his money where his mouth is and make a visit to his nearest tattoo parlour.

Already having one design dedicated to his favourite football team, Scott knew what to expect.

“I have the Rovers badge on my arm so I’m no stranger to getting some ink done. I’m surprised that it didn’t hurt more and that it was just a bit tender for a few days.

“It was one of the best matches that I had been to and the atmosphere was amazing from start to finish.

“It was such a proud moment, that I had no problem following through with getting the tattoo done.

“The tattoo may have cost me £50, but I definitely think it was worth it.”