The changing face of Kirkcaldy’s harbour

An older building on the site of Kirkcaldy's new flour mill is being demolished
An older building on the site of Kirkcaldy's new flour mill is being demolished

Work has been ongoing to develop the site where Kirkcaldy’s new £17 million state-of-the-art flour mill has been built.

Construction of the new Carr’s Flour Mill - the first to be built in Scotland in 30 years - began in July 2012 and it was completed the following year to allow commissioning work to begin.

The mill is now operating, but work to improve the look of the area is continuing with the demolition of older buildings which are no longer in use.

After receiving £10 million of funding from the Clydesdale Bank, the new facility was able to install the latest machinery, making it one of the most technologically advanced and efficient sites in Europe.

The new mill was developed in conjunction with Swiss engineering firm Buhler and is delivering a wide range of processing improvements and cost savings, as well as reducing the company’s environmental footprint.

Carr’s Flour Mills is a subsidiary of Carr’s Milling Industries which is listed on the London Stock Exchange with a market value of around £140 million.

Tim Hall, operations director, Carr’s Hutchisons Mill, told The Press: “We began construction work of the new building in July 2012.

“This and the plant installation were completed in July 2013 so that commissioning could begin.

‘‘By September we were supplying major customers from the new mill.

“I can confirm that our new mill is fully operational and more than meets our expectations in all respects.

“The careful demolition works to a building, which has now become redundant, are nearing completion which will enhance the appearance of this area of Kirkcaldy.”

He added “The photographs show an old building being demolished which has become redundant following the completion of the new mill complex.”

Carr’s Flour Mills bought over the Hutchison’s Flour Mill, which was owned by Dutch company Mineba from 1997 to 2004.

It currently employs 71 workers from in and around Kirkcaldy, and bosses say the new mill will secure these 

The new mill is located at Kirkcaldy harbour, alongside the existing grain storage and handling facility.

The harbour reopened to cargo vessels and wheat imports in 2011 after a break of 20 years following investment by Carr’s and Forth Ports.

Grain had previously been brought into Perth by boat then to Kirkcaldy by lorry.