The Daisy chain goes live ...

The Coaltown Daisies'Live EP recording at The Green Room, Dunfermline
The Coaltown Daisies'Live EP recording at The Green Room, Dunfermline

IT’S been a busy few months for musical duo The Coaltown Daisies after they recorded their first live EP at a special gig for a small group of family and friends.

But the record is now out and available to buy - and Vivienne Bern and Lynzy Moutter couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Vivienne explained: “We recorded the EP live on May 16 at The Green Room in Dunfermline and it was released at the end of June.

“It was the idea of our sound engineer Mark Small. It was totally off the cuff that he suggested we should just record an EP live.

“So we thought, why don’t we try this?”

Fellow Daisy Lynzy added: “We decided to give it a bash.

“We thought we’d try it and if it didn’t work out, at least we’d given it a go - but it went well.”

“We closed down The Green Room and invited 20 of our friends and family, basically people who have supported us in our music over the years and other musicians who had given us advice,” Lynzy continued.

“We charged a ticket price as it was a one off gig experience as we were being recorded.

“We made sure people knew we were recording live and that because of that we might have to start songs again.”

And the ladies admit they did have to restart songs again on more than one occasion.

“It happened three times,” laughed Vivienne.

“There were three false starts and one of them features on the EP as it was so funny we left it in.

“There are people who come to a lot of our gigs and who we know really well , and we can actually identify some people’s cheers and woops on the recording.

“That’s sweet and it’s sweet for them.”

During the gig the Daisies played a total of 16 songs which they then had to whittle down to just six for the finished product.

“We played 14 of our own and two covers,” said Vivienne.

Lynzy continued: “We had to be mindful that it was still a gig and we had to make people feel familiar with it.

“We printed out an order of events and we did it in sets of four songs so people could get up in between after four drinks and get a drink and things.

“There were little things that just came off on the night ... things we never thought about on the night, but it all just seemed to gel together.

“We told those coming along that they would feature on the finished EP - there’s a bit where the audience participated in singing along.

“But people actually like that. I thought they wouldn’t be that bothered, but they are which is cool.”

So how easy was it to reduce 16 tracks to just six?

Vivienne told The Press: “There were a couple we knew we’d nailed and could say ‘that’s on the CD’, but there were some we hadn’t planned and didn’t expect to be on the CD that are.”

“There are some different ones on there, but one is on the first demo we did, but now it’s progressed a lot,” explained Lynzy.

“We’re also working on a debut album so had to be careful picking the tracks.

“But we’re really pleased with how it sounds.”

And was recording the EP live - something the ladies hadn’t done before - nerve wracking?

“For the first few we were nervous, as we knew it wasn’t just another live gig,” Lynzy said.

“It brings your game up if you have a bit of pressure and there’s an audience there and people have paid for a live event.

“You just have to channel those nerves and make it really good.”

Vivienne added: “Our friend, Nicola Barn, who has taken up photography, captured some cracking moments of the night.

“She’s kind of joined the team, along with Mark - that night a team emerged!”

And by working with Mark, The Daisies say the whole production of the albumhas fairly stress free as it was a quick process.

Vivienne said: “It was done, mixed and out, just like that, so we didn’t have much time to worry or procrastinate over it.

“It was good, and the time spent with Mark means we have now got a feel for how the three of us work in a mixing capacity, which brings us on to working with him on the debut album.”

The Coaltown Daisies won’t say much about their forthcoming debut album, which they hope to release some time next year, but they did reveal it is a concept album and it will feature six other musicians - a drummer, cellist, violinist, basist, pianist and lead guitarist.

But they hope that people will enjoy listening to their ‘Live at The Green Room’ EP in the meantime.

The duo are also playing a number of live gigs in the coming months, with a set arranged for the Aberdour Festival on Sunday, when they will be supported by Seven Sons.

They are also looking forward to playing a date with Chris Helme, former Seahorses frontman at Dunnikier House Hotel in September.

The Coaltown Daisies live EP, recorded at The Green Room in Dunfermline is available to download on bandcamp and iTunes. Visit