The fear goes up to eleven!

Robbie Davidson (director) and Ruairaidh Agnew (14) (main lead) on the set of the Kirkcaldy YM's movie - 'Vamplifier'.
Robbie Davidson (director) and Ruairaidh Agnew (14) (main lead) on the set of the Kirkcaldy YM's movie - 'Vamplifier'.

FILM-MAKERS from the Kirkcaldy YMCA will be treading the red carpet this week at the premiere of their comedy-horror movie - ‘Vamplifier’.

A glitzy premiere at the Old Kirk today (Thursday) will give many of the film’s stars the first chance to see it, but the Press was given a sneak preview of the impressive 45 minute movie last week.

Vamplifier tells the tale of a young Kirkcaldy guitarist who finds the amp of his dreams at a town music shop, but little does he know - it’s evil. What follows is a hilarious - although gory movie, as the amp embarks on a killing spree, murdering our young guitar hero’s parents and leading him to discover its dark history, before he overcomes the evil amp in a dramatic final battle.

The young lead, Ruairaidh Agnew (14) enjoyed being involved in the movie.

He said: “It was actually really good fun to make. We had done some small films here before, so that had got me used to doing it.

“I had been in show productions when I was younger, like eight or nine. But I hadn’t done anything for a while. I also did a bit of drama at school.

“But making this, because of the short films we’d done, I just got on with it. It wasn’t daunting or anything.

“I haven’t really seen the whole film yet, just parts of it. I’m looking forward to seeing it at the premiere.”

All the young people in Vamplifier attend the Kirkcaldy ‘Y’, and most of the adults are staff or volunteers there. Filming began when £18,000 from the Youth Tank and the lottery paid for most of the equipment. A further £50,000 from the Young Starter Fund will sustain the film project part-time for the next two years.

Vamplifier was directed by senior youth worker at the Kirkcaldy YM Robbie Davidson. He explained how the film expanded: “It took a long time. We started this time last year. We had to do it within the youth club times.

“It just sort of grew arms and legs. It was meant to be 10-15 minutes long at first.

“There is other films in the pipeline as there is a core group here that are dedicated and enjoy it. We enjoy doing it. It’s serious but funny at the same time.”

Robbie revealed that Vamplifier is actually based on a true story, of sorts, about his own amp.

He said: “The amp in the film is cursed in real life, it landed on my brother’s ankle, cuts out during gigs, has fallen on people and it has wrecked my favourite guitar.

“We just sort of joked that we should make a film about it and came from that.”