The final images of missing Allan

Allan Bryant (hooped jersey) leaves Styx
Allan Bryant (hooped jersey) leaves Styx

Police have released CCTV footage of the last movements of a man who went missing after leaving a Glenrothes nightclub.

Allan Bryant (24), has not been seen since he left Styx in Caskieberran Road in the early hours of November 3 last year.

The Bryant family have been calling on officers to release the footage for months and this week welcomed the decision to finally release it.

Allan’s dad, also Allan, told the Gazette: “I’m glad that finally the public can get to see CCTV taken on the night of Allan leaving the nightclub and hopefully that will trigger someone’s memory and give us something new to go on.

“But we have been calling for this to be released for over seven months and so why now after all this time? It doesn’t make sense.

“I am also frustrated and angry that it’s taken this long yet there is still an amount of footage that isn’t included in the release and we can only ask why that has not been included.

“Allan stopped to have a cigarette and talk to a friend, yet the public are not allowed to see that.”

Allan’s disappearance has resulted in a huge on-going search, involving thousands of hours of officers’ time, the use of specialist resources including search dogs, police divers and the air support unit. Officers have contacted hundreds of people in the course of their enquiries but despite all of this there has been no sign of Allan.

Nicola Shepherd, local area commander for Fife, said: “The release of any CCTV has to be done in accordance with the law governing the release of such images and I am happy that the footage is now able to be released now that it complies with the guidelines we have been issued.

“I hope that the video we have issued today will help jog the memory of people who were in Styx night club that night and again I would appeal to anyone who has information that may assist us in finding Allan to contact us.

“Police Scotland has a dedicated family liaison officer who is in regular contact with Allan’s family and will continue to support them.

“The investigation into Allan’s disappearance has been difficult mainly due to the lack of information and I share the family’s frustration in this regard. Officers from Police Scotland continue to search for Allan and the investigation continues.”

Police continue exhaustive search

Allan Bryant was last seen leaving Styx nightclub in Caskieberran Road at around 2.00 a.m. on November 3, 2013.
The search for Allan is the biggest missing persons search in Fife.
Police have used specialist resources including search dogs, police divers and the air support unit.
Officers have spoken to hundreds of people during their inquiries and thousands of missing person posters and leaflets have been distributed.

View the footage here