The FP100: No. 100

Mercat Cross, Leven
Mercat Cross, Leven

Mercat Cross, Leven

Hidden away in the verdant grounds of the old town council’s HQ, Carberry House, lies what goes by the name of Leven’s Mercat Cross.

However, in actuality, the structure is more likely to have been a sundial which formed only part of the burgh’s mercat cross.

The small obelisk, which originally stood in an area 
of the town known as Carpenters Brae, has a mildly interesting history and is much travelled as well as heavily restored.

The red sandstone shaft, which is original, dates to aroud 1620, when Leven was a trading centre with a busy market.

The petite edifice was dismantled at its original location in 1767 to allow the smooth passage by of a grandiose funeral procession for a local member of the gentry. After that, it disappeared for well over 100 years, only resurfacing in 1889, when it was spotted, rather ignominiously constituting part of a wall. Its whereabouts in the years in between are a mystery.

A modern granite version of the monument was commissioned to mark the Millennium, with images based on design by local schoolchildren, and this sculpture now stands in the sunken garden in the town’s Letham Glen.