The Kirkcaldy studio that wants to get us all dancing ...

Ballet dancers at the Gail Neish Studio
Ballet dancers at the Gail Neish Studio

A Kirkcaldy dance studio is backing a campaign which encourages people to get active by taking to the dance floor. The Gail Neish Dance Studios in Coal Wynd is participating in ‘Get Scotland Dancing’ by offering free taster classes aimed at all ages.

The initiative has been launched by Creative Scotland and hoped to persuade people who’ve never tried dancing before, or those who have given it up - to put on their dancing shoes.

Ballet Dancer Sarah Cooper

Ballet Dancer Sarah Cooper

Graham Neish, a trustee at the Kirkcaldy charity, said the studio was delighted to be taking part.

“We’ve joined Get Scotland Dancing as a supporter after it launched a pilot of the scheme in January which was a success.

“There will be free taster classes for kids, which is something we’ve always done, but we will be offering adult classes also. ‘We’re currently running adult ballet classes which are proving to be surprisingly successful.

“There will be no restrictions on class type - any of the styles we teach will be on offer.”

The award-winning studio was established in 1996 and teaches many styles of dance including ballet, tap, hip hop and freestyle jazz and Graham said he hoped people will give this opportunity a go.

He said: “It’s like anything in life, you have to start somewhere and if you don’t give it a try, you’ll never know!

At aged just 17, Sarah Cooper, a pupil at Balwearie High School, is a veteran of the studio having been a member from the age of three. She said there are lots of benefits to learning to dance.

“It’s not just about getting fit which is obviously a good thing, but you meet people with the same interests as you and it’s an art form which is great to be involved with.

Ballet dancer Sarah is set to study Musical Theatre at university after the summer and said that dancing has become her life.

“I was really shy when I was young and it’s totally increased my confidence, not just within dancing but in life too.”

To find out more, including taster class times and types of class available, visit and