The leaning tower of Kirkcaldy

KIRKCALDY;'Damaged bollard outside costa coffee. high st., Kirkcaldy'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON
KIRKCALDY;'Damaged bollard outside costa coffee. high st., Kirkcaldy'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON

CONCERNS have been raised over the damage to some of the new features situated along Kirkcaldy High Street.

Since the improvements were completed last year, some of the bollards have been bent or dented by vehicles and already one of the new benches has been scrawled with graffiti.

Outside Apollo Blinds, some of the distinctive pink slabs, which were especially imported from China, have been replaced after maintenance work with ordinary grey ones.

Now questions are being asked as to how well the High Street is to be maintained.

A concerned reader who contacted the Press, said: “The replacement of the paving with concrete by utility companies is totally unacceptable.”

However Tim Masters, lead officer with asset management and projects at Fife Council, said the High Street is being carefully looked after and any damage will soon be rectified.

He said: “Unfortunately we don’t have a stock of bollards, but we will look into replacing any that are damaged.


“We do keep a stock of the timber that was used to make the benches though and the one that has been daubed with graffiti will be repaired as soon as possible.”

Mr Masters said that there is a strict set of guidelines that govern any work on the High Street.

“Any of the utilities need to work under the ‘New Roads and Street Works Act’ to ensure that the street is looked after and any work carried out is to our satisfaction,” he said.

“When the plans for the refurbishment were drawn up initially there was a two year moratorium agreed with all the utilities companies that no non-essential work would be carried out.

“Of course emergencies can always happen which may be the case with the pavement in front of Apollo Blinds.

“Again, we have a stock of the slabs and these will be replaced in due course.”