The Lidl matter of Leven and its lost High Street...

Lidl in Leven sent out the flyer last week
Lidl in Leven sent out the flyer last week

There’s been big debate over whether or not cars should be allowed back on to Leven High Street in recent weeks.

But according to Lidl, it’s all a bit pointless given that the High Street no longer exists!

Or that’s certainly the case when it comes to a new money off leaflet which has been distributed throughout the town in the last week.

It includes a handy map of Leven’s town centre, but those familiar with its streets might find it somewhat confusing...

As well as completely removing the High Street from all existence, North Street merges seemlessly with Riverside Road - no Bridge Street in sight.

And where Forth Street comes up from Leven Promenade, the South Street Car Park is totally missing as well.

Commenting on the ommission, a spokesman for the store said: “The illustration has been designed for the sole purpose of highlighting the location of the Lidl store in relation to the major roads in the town, and is by no means intended to be used or regarded as a map of the local area. We apologise for any technical errors.”

Eddie Young, owner of Motorfits on Commercial Road - which does feature on Lidl’s town centre map - was dismayed to hear of the error, commenting, “It’s not a true message of the town really.”

A long supporter of the town centre, having set up his business in 1998 after operating Links Garage for many years, Eddie is keen to see it rejuvenated and has welcomed the news that up to £1 million is to be spent.

He added: “Lidl has a responsibility to help the High Street, they shouldn’t be working against it.”