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Soul diva Martha Reeves and the Vandellas at Rothes Halls in September
Soul diva Martha Reeves and the Vandellas at Rothes Halls in September
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Your best guide to what’s on in Fife

Friday, June 20

Slipstream: O’Connells.

Kerryoke: Chapel Tavern.

saturday, June 21

The Chiels: The Cycle Tavern, Auchtermuchty.

The Sensational David Bowie Tribute Band: PJ Molloy’s, Dunfermline.

Joanie: Dixon Arms, Glenrothes.

Mixed Company: The Gunner Club.

The Ladybird Killers, Homesick Aldo, Blind Daze: Bar 25, Leven.

Cover to Cover: K.U.S.I.

Blind lights: Chapel Tavern.

Jim Wood: The Charter Club.

Sunday, june 22

Hit the Road: PJ Molloy’s, Dunfermline.

Leona Corio: Dixon Arms, Glenrothes.

Gary Copeland: The Gunner Club.

Joe’s Band, Gavin Patrick: CISWO, Glenrothes.

The New Swing Trio: Fife Jazz Club at Woodside Hotel, Aberdour.

Looking ahead

Kirkcaldy and district pipe band, andy chung, folk that, the tartan specials: Kitty’s on June 27.

Cousin Ken’s Girly Night Nephews: O’Connells on June 27.

Hot Banana: CISWO, Glenrothes on June 27.

The columbos: Eddy’s Bar on June 28.

George kennedy: Shardy’s, Lochgelly on June 28.

Sound Advice: The Gunner Club on June 28.

We Were Promised Jetpacks: PJ Molloy’s, Dunfermline on June 28.

Jamie Mac: Dixon Arms, June 28.

Kingsnake, Brian Hyndman, The Black Swamp Villains: The Phoenix, Glenrothes on June 28.

Del Charles: K.U.S.I on June 28.

Jamie Dee: CISWO, Glenrothes on June 28.

The Falcons: Rosyth Civil Service Club on June 28.

Fantasy: The Gunner Club on June 29.

Velour Amour: O’Connells on June 29.

Matt Friel: Dixon Arms, Glenrothes on June 29.

Mags N Tam 2Gether, Rumours: CISWO, Glenrothes on June 29.

NO1Sun: Tam’s Bar, Buckhaven on June 29.

The Falcons: Partners, Cowdenbeath on June 29.

Timeless: The Gunner Club on July 5.

Robert T Leonard: The Dixon Arms, Glenrothes on July 5.

NO1SUN: Thornton Golf Club, Thornton on July 5.

Jimmy Fingers: K.U.S.I on July 5.

Dias Brazil: Fife Jazz Club at Woodside Hotel, Aberdour on July 6.

Stevie Day: The Dixon Arms, Glenrothes on July 6.

The Falcons: Lourenzos, Dunfermline on July 6.

Gary Law: The Dixon Arms, Glenrothes on July 12.

The chiels: Crusoe Hotel, Lower Largo on July 12.

2 Pure sounds: K.U.S.I on July 12.

The Falcons: CISWO, Glenrothes on July 13.

George Kennedy: Smugglers’ Inn, Burntisland on July 14.

George Kennedy: Gallaghers on July 18.

Just Beatles: PJ Molloy’s, Dunfermline on July 18.

Golden touch: K.U.S.I on July 19.

ALECIA KARR PINK: The Dixon Arms, Glenrothes on July 25. (tickets only)

Kingsnake: The Dixon Arms, Glenrothes on July 26.

Streets Ahead: K.U.S.I on July 26.

The Falcons: Silver Birch, Cowdenbeath on July 26.

The columbos: Society on July 27.

The columbos: Gunner Club on August 2.

Neil Diamond tribute: The Dixon Arms, Glenrothes on August 2.

Breeze: K.U.S.I on August 2.

SLipstream: Society on August 3.

Gavin Patrick: The Dixon Arms, Glenrothes on August 3.

SOE: The Dixon Arms, Glenrothes on August 9.

Graham Leslie: K.U.S.I. on August 9.

Slipstream: O’Connells on August 15.

Slipstream: PJ Molloy’s, Dunfermline on August 16.

Rewind: K.U.S.I on August 16.

George Kennedy: The Agenda, Leven on August 23.

Gill: K.U.S.I on August 23.

The columbos: Weavers on August 30.

George Kennedy: Kelty Miners’ Social Club, Kelty on August 30.

Slipstream: The Duchess of Kirkcaldy on August 30.

East Coast: K.U.S.I on August 30.

The Falcons: Rosyth Ex-Servicemen’s Club on August 30.

Rock the Rovers 10: Kitty’s on August 31.

The Falcons: Lourenzo’s, Dunfermline on September 7.

The Falcons: Partners, Cowdenbeath on September 14.

The Falcons: The Gunner Club on September 27.


acoustic music club: The Polish Club, Jun 26. Stephen and Pernille Quigg.

betty nicol’s kirkcaldy: Second and fourth Wednesday of each month.

burntisland sands hotel: Last Monday each month.

burgh tavern, leslie: Open mic night third Thursday each month acoustic session.

potter about cafe, burntisland: Open mic third Wednesday each month.

dunfermline folk club: June 25. Session night.

BRODIE’S BAR, KIRKCALDY: Acoustic sessions on the first Thursday of every month.

Lochgelly Golf Club: Open mic night first and third Wednesdays of each month.

Balgonie Arms, Coaltown of Balgonie: Acoustic night on second Friday of each month.


Phil Differ, Ruth Cockburn and Liam Withnail (MC): Potter About, Burntisland on June 20.

Billy Kirkwood: Young Hall, Burntisland on June 28.


adam smith theatre: Box Office (01592) 583302, Jun 21. YolanDa Brown; 27-28. My Friend Selma; Jul 24-27. The Phantom of the Opera Youth Group Production; Aug 26-30. Ladyboys of Bangkok; Sept 11-13. Sunset Song; Oct 6. Chris Ramsey; 10. Daniel Sloss; Nov 10. Raith Rovers Hall of Fame; 13. Patsy Cline 50th Anniversary Tour; Dec 9 - Jan 11. Jack and the Beanstalk.

rothes halls: Box Office (01592) 611101, Jun 21. Rock Choir; 21. Blues!; Jul 4-6. National Festival of Youth Theatre; 10. Rhythm of The Dance; Aug 16. One Night of Queen; Sept 5. Osiligi Maasai Warriors; 6. Counterfeit Sixties Tribute Show; 7. Mary Duff; 13. Martha Reeves & the Vandellas; 19. The Eva Cassidy Story; Oct 9. The Drifters; 10. Charlie Landsborough; 17. Showaddywaddy; 18. Big Country; 26. Jim Davidson; Nov 8. The Nathan Carter Show; 16. The Magic of Motown; 19. Mike Denver; 22. The South.

carnegie hall: Box Office (01383) 602302, Jun 20. Money The Game Show; 21. Dunfermline Strathspey and Reel Society Fiddlers’ Rally; 28. Backstage Pass: A Musical Journey; Jul 3. Carnaby Street - The Concert; 31. The Hot Seats; Aug 29. A Passion for Opera; Sept 3. Angus Lyon and Duncan Lyall; 4. Osiligi Maasai Warriors; 5. Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham; 6-7. The Singing Kettle; 6. Andrew Dee; 10. The Stray Birds; 13. Big Book Tall Tales; 13. The Blues Band; 17. Ollie Howell Quintet; 19. Macfloyd; 20. Altan; 25. Best Loved Soundtracks; Oct 3. The Music of the Hollies; 4. Craig Hill; 6. Chris Ramsey; 7. Tony Jacklin and Willie Thorne; 18. Joan Armatrading; Nov 8. The Moonlit Road and Other Ghostly Stories; Nov 28-Dec 24. Snow White.

lochgelly theatre: Jul 12. Scottish Schools Orchestra Trust; Aug 27-30. In Time O’ Strif'e.

alhambra theatre, dunfermline: Jun 21. The Johnny Cash Roadshow; 26-27. Backstage Pass: A Musical Journey; 28. An Evening of Dirty Dancing; Jul 5-7. Angelina Ballerina; 16-17. Peppa Pig’s Big Splash; Jul 21-Aug 2. Alhambra Theatre Summer School; Sept 13. Jive Talking perform The Bee Gees; 17. Danny Bhoy; 20. Let’s Zep; 26. ACDC UK; 27. That’ll Be The Day; Sept 30 - Oct 4. Aida; Oct 6-11. The Full Monty; 22. An Evening With Noel Fielding; 23. Rat Pack Live; Nov 1. A Vision of Elvis; 14. John Mayall; 15. Vampires Rock; 22. Moscow Ballet - Nutcracker; 29. Jane McDonald; Dec 4-6. Miracle on 34th Street; 10-27. Sleeping Beauty; 30. Red Hot Chilli Pipers.

the green hotel, kinross:

Jun 22. San Francisco Nights; 27. John Verity Band; Jul 3. John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band; 4. Steve Gibbons Band; 27. Ryan McGarvey.

the inn at Lathones, 
Lathones: Aug 30. Kiki Ebsen with Graham Deatcher.


Adam Smith Theatre

Jun 20. The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears (18); 22. The Double (15); 24. The Calvary (15); 26. The Other Woman (12A); Jul 17. NT Live - Skylight; Sept 3. RSC Live - The Two Gentlemen of Verona; 6. NT Live - Medea (Encore).

Kino Cinema, Glenrothes

22 Jump Street (15) Fri-Thu 8.30

Oculus (15) Fri-Thu 6.10

Maleficent 2D (PG) Fri, Mon-Thu 4.00; Sat-Sun 12.30 3.00 4.00

Postman Pat The Movie (U) Sat-Sun 3.10

The Jersey Boys (15) Fri-Thu 5.15 8.15

Rio 2 2D (U) Sat-Sun 12.45

X-Men Days of Future Past 2D (12A) Sat-Sun 1.10

Fault In Our Stars (12A) Fri-Thu 5.20 8.15

odeon dunfermline

3 Days to Kill (12A) Fri-Thu 1.15 4.00 6.45 9.25

22 Jump Street (15) Fri-Thu 12.30 1.20 3.00 4.00 5.40 6.40 8.15 9.15; subtitled Wed 5.40

Belle (12A) Fri, Mon-Thu 2.00

Chef (15) Wed-Thu 2.30 5.30 8.30

Edge of Tomorrow 2D (12A) Fri-Mon 5.20; Tue 9.10

Edge of Tomorrow 3D (12A) Fri-Mon 2.45 8.10; Tue 3.45

Ghosts - West End Theatre Series Thu 8.00

Godzilla 2D (12A) Sat-Sun 12.00

Jersey Boys (15) Fri-Thu 1.45 4.45 7.45; subtitled Sun 1.45

Maleficent 2D (PG) Fri, Mon-Thu 4.30 6.45; Sat-Sun 11.30 2.00 4.30 6.45; subtitled Fri 4.30

Maleficent 3D (PG) Fri-Thu 1.00 3.30 6.00 8.30

Oculus (15) Fri-Mon, Wed 9.10

Postman Pat The Movie (U) Sat-Sun 11.10

ROH - Manon Lescaut 2014 (Live) Tue 6.45

The Fault In Our Stars (12A) Fri, Mon-Tue, Thu 12.30 2.20 3.20 5.10 6.10 8.00 9.00; Sat-Sun 11.30 12.30 2.20 5.10 6.10 8.00 9.00; Wed 2.20 3.20 5.10 6.10 8.00 9.00; subtitled Mon 3.20 Thu 8.00

X-Men Days of Future Past 2D (12A) Fri, Mon-Tue 5.30; Sat-Sun 11.30 5.30; Wed 5.00; Thu 5.00 9.10

X-Men Days of Future Past 3D (12A) Fri-Tue 2.30 8.30; Wed 2.10 8.10; Thu 2.10

Kid’s Club, Muppets Most Wanted (U) Sat-Sun 11.00

Senior Screen, Grand Budapest Hotel (12A) Wed 11.30

Newbies, The Fault in Our Stars (12A) Wed 11.00