The love story that had to wait 24 years ...

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WHEN Dave Lorentzen first noticed a teenage girl in a Kirkcaldy nightclub in 1987, little did he know that 24 years later he would be proposing to her ...with a helping hand from Facebook.

Dave (54) now lives in New York and last week he boarded a plane to Scotland to pop the question to his true love - and she accepted.

Dave first laid eyes on Gillian Cooksey (nee Reekie) when he worked as a DJ in Bentley’s nightclub. He was doing a promotion at a kids disco on a Monday night which she attended. He was 27 and she was 15.

Dave told the Press: “Gill caught my eye that night when she came up asking for a request. I didn’t realise she was just 15, she looked a lot older and she never told me how old she really was.

“We started chatting and seemed to click and eventually became good friends.”


One night a few weeks later, Dave took Gillian to a friend’s house and to her surprise, Gillian’s auntie Mary opened the door!

Gillian (39), who is a foster carer, said: “My aunt asked to speak to me in private and asked me what was going on.

“She told me if there was I would have to end it because I was too young and the family would not be happy about it.

“Dave and I spoke about it and we both had the same thought that we had to end it but he said he would wait until I was older.”

After this Gillian decided to leave Scotland and move down south. She ended up getting married and having her own family.

Meanwhile, Dave moved to Dunfermline and also tied the knot. However, the marriage didn’t work and his wife left Dave to bring up three children on his own.


He had to give up DJ-ing for a year to stay in and look after his kids. After a while he decided to track down his birth mother as he was adopted when he was a child.

He finally found her in America and after meeting her, opted to stay in the States with his children and set up a successful national company - Kevin Colangelo DJ Services.

Gillian and her husband also split up and she moved back home to Kirkcaldy. One night she happened to be browsing through Facebook and found Dave’s profile.

Gillian said: “I saw the name but wasn’t sure if it was Dave so I added him as a friend and he added me!

“I looked at the information on his profile and realised it was him and sent him a private message asking if he remembered me.

“He did and after a few e-mails I gave him my home phone number - we ended up talking for five hours!

“We spoke about our lives and found that we just connected - we had a lot in common. I quickly realised that he was the one for me.”

The couple then arranged to meet on Kirkcaldy beach.

On Friday night he walked along one end of the Esplanade and she walked along from the other and they met in the middle.

Gillian said: “It was indescribable. We hugged and kissed but I couldn’t believe it was real.”

On Sunday the couple had a few friends and family over to Gillian’s house and to her surprise, Dave popped the question.

Gillian said: “I was speechless and after a few minutes I said yes!”

Dave said: “I had no doubts about asking Gill to marry me - I knew she would say yes.

“What made it even more special was the fact that my son, Gordon (from a previous relationship), came along to the house that night.

“We had never met but he managed to track me down on Facebook when I was in America.

“I invited him along and was really glad he came.”

Gillian added: “This just proves that things really do happen for a reason.

“Dave did say he would wait for me - I just didn’t think it would take 24 years!”