The mystery of Banksy in Kirkcaldy

The Banksy mural in Kirkcaldy (pics by Fife Photo Agency)
The Banksy mural in Kirkcaldy (pics by Fife Photo Agency)

Could one of the world’s most famous artists be at work in Kirkcaldy?

That’s the mystery which is surrounding works of graffiti art which have appeared around town, which the Press has been assured are by the world-famous artist Banksy.

Pic by Fife Photo Agency

Pic by Fife Photo Agency

He first came to the public’s attention back in the 1990s with his “guerilla” works of art.

A Banksy original can sell for thousands of pounds – a new example of work appeared in Dover over the weekend – and he notoriously opened The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem earlier this year, boasting it had “the worst view of any hotel in the world”.

So is it really Banksy in Kirkcaldy?

Local man John Rocco is convinced that the man he is currently working with is genuine, after being introduced to him via a mutual friend.

John said: “I’m working on my first book, a sci-fi novel based on Kirkcaldy’s history.

“I’d written the story and I was working on it on my laptop in a bar in Edinburgh.

“A friend of mine was there and I told him that I hadn’t done any artwork in about 40 years so wasn’t sure what to do about the cover. I was going to get someone else to do the cover.

“He introduced me to his friend who agreed to do the cover of the book. As things progressed I got to know that this was Banksy so things progressed from there.”

Since then at least three pieces of art purporting to be the work of the famous street artist have appeared in different locations around Kirkcaldy.

John said Banksy has also donated original pieces of work, some of them signed, which will be put up for auction in town with the money going to two different charities, Chernobyl Children’s Project and Prostate Cancer Scotland.

The Press contacted Banksy’s agent, Jo Brooks, who said it definitely is not the work of her client, but despite this John says he’s “99 per cent” certain that the man he’s working with is the real deal.

“He’s put a lot of time and effort into this and the work he’s done is incredible.

“I have enough proof to confirm his identity with me. What I’ve heard and seen from the rest of the people who know him, as well as the quality of his work, makes me damn sure it’s him.”

Concerns have also been expressed to the Fife Free Press that it is a ruse designed to extort money, but John firmly rejects this.

“He hasn’t asked me for a penny. Not a single bean,” he said.

“At the end of the day, we are doing this to raise money for charity and he’s put in a power of work.

“Why Kirkcaldy? He’s that type of guy and this is the sort of thing he does.

“I’ve watched him work and I’m sure I’m not being taken for a ride.”