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The new speed bumps at Sainsbury's in Leven
The new speed bumps at Sainsbury's in Leven

The speed bumps are back at Sainsbury’s in Leven – but are they here to stay?

The new traffic calming measures, which have recently been installed again at the Leven supermarket, are situated right outside the front of the store, at each of the pedestrian crossings between the car park and front entrance.

But it comes just a year after similar speed bumps were removed from the Riverside store after a number of Sainsbury’s shoppers complained about them being too big.

The speed controls were removed atfer just a few weeks because of the number of complaints received.

The car park at the Leven supermarket has often been a source of annoyance for local shoppers, with many worried about the speed of drivers, while others also complain that pedestrians are not careful enough about where they walk.

In August last year, the Mail received a number of complaints about the first set of speed bumps, with some even choosing to boycott the store because of them.

At the time, Sainbury’s said the speed controls had been introduced to reduce the speed of motorists in the car park, and were a better alternative to a one-way system which would require planning permission.

However, readers of the Mail seem much more satisfied with the new speed bumps, with many commenting they are nowhere near as bad as the last set.

Commenting on the new installations at the Leven store, a Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “We fitted speed bumps following feedback from customers and colleagues.

“We have now replaced the original speed bumps with better ones and have only had positive feedback about them.”