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KIRKCALDY’s second jigsaw library has opened its doors to puzzle lovers keen to develop their skills without spending a fortune all the time.

Ann Bell opened her new jigsaw library in the town’s Linktown Church last month following on from the success of a previous venture in another local church.

She explained: “I set one up in 2009 in Templehall Church and ran it until the end of last year when I moved house and joined another church.


“The jigsaw library in Templehall is still running, someone else has taken it over, which is great.

“I’ve now started another one in Linktown Church.

“The Templehall library was so successful that’s why I thought I’d set up another - I’m sure it will be popular down at Linktown.”

Ann’s enjoyment of jigsaws really blossomed after arthritis prevented her from continuing with her hobby of knitting and she began completing the puzzles instead.

But why set up a library?

“I was doing a lot of jigsaws myself, and they are quite expensive to buy,” she says. “I’d built up quite a collection and had a few lying around the house not being used.

Library idea

“I thought there would probably be other people who were in the same boat, with old ones lying around and unable to buy new ones.

“That’s when I came up with the library idea and thought why not lend them out.”

From that Templehall venture was born, and now so too is Linktown Jigsaw Library.

It is open on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 2.00 to 4.00 p.m.

It first opened its doors in September and the session will run through until May.

Ann said: “I have got some 200-300 jigsaws. Some are mine, others are duplicates from Templehall Jigsaw Library and a lot have been donated.

“People have been very kind and contributed their unwanted jigsaws, as well as coming along to find new ones.

“The library is for all ages, and it is intended to be a community resource so is available to church members and non-members alike.

“Jigsaws are expensive to buy new and it’s hard to find nice ones in the charity shops. This way everyone can benefit and enjoy them.”

A small subscription fee of 50p per month for adults, and 25p a month for primary and pre-school children helps contribute to the cost of heat and light and running costs, as well as helping to extend the range of puzzles and ensuring the return of jigsaws.

Contributions of unwanted, complete jigsaws are always gratefully received.

The next opening dates for the Linktown Jigsaw Library are November 7 and 21.