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Phil and Kirsty are back on the house trail
Phil and Kirsty are back on the house trail
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Allan Crow on this week’s TV highlights

(Thursday, Channel4, 8.00 p.m.)
It’s back - the property show that spawned a slew of imitators, and Phil ‘n’ Kirsty are still at the helm.

Armed with enough brochures to carpet a modest des res, Spencer and Allsopp set about tracking down the perfect homes for assorted couples.

Don’t expect many cosy wee but ‘n’ bens or ex-cooncil hooses - this is all aspirational stuff, and with a price tag which puts the houses beyond the reach of folk like you and me.

Still, there’s nothing better than a wee neb inside someone’s house - and a chance to nitpick over the decor.

Tipping Point: Lucky Stars

(Saturday, stv, 7.45 p.m.)

The bottom of the barrel of light entertainment has surely been scraped with this twee show.

Generations of kids have tried to win money at the shows by dropping a penny into a slot and watching to see if the flippers send a wheen of coins tumbling down the chute.

I don’t ever recall having to answer banal general knowledge questions before trying to win a few bob at the Links Market, but ‘Tipping Point’ is the showbiz version - and it even gets its own celebrity run.

Those up for the challenge tonight include Ashley Roberts from ‘Dancing On Ice’, and TV Host Jeff Brazier. Aye we’re on A-List patrol tonight ...

Can’t wait until they do a TV game show based on those horse racing stalls you get at the market ...


(Saturday, BBC1, 6.30 p.m.)
I caught last weekend’s opening show of this ‘Strictly meets gymnastics’ celeb-driven competition.

Fair to say it’s got a lot to do to even come close to matching the slickness and style of the dance contest.

It all felt rather flat - even the audience didn’t seem that enthused. - and Alex Jones’ hosting is pretty ordinary at best. She really needs a sidekick to add a different voice.

Other than that it follows the ‘Strictly’ format - video clips from training sessions, the usual ‘rivalry’ among judges and a ‘‘dreaded ‘‘ showdown every week for the worst competitors - in this case they have to take part in the vault.

Afraid that really doesn’t cut it in terms of excitement ...

Andrew Marr’s Great Scots

(Saturday, BBC2, 9.15 p.m.)

The broadcaster takes a look at the contribution made by Scots to the literary world.

Marr goes back in time to Boswell to start this new series which stands out when placed against all the light entertainment nonsense floating across the channels.


(Friday, BBC1, 8.30 p.m.)

Another work place fly on the wall series, the same old ‘characters’ and the same old format ...

Scrappers is based in a Bolton scrapyard marking its 21st year in business and faced with the usual issues we’re all too familiar with.

Seen one car being scrapped, seen ‘em all ...

Big Brother: The Final

(Friday, Channel5, 9.00 p.m.)
They’ve been locked up so long they have missed the Commonwealth Games, the Open, Wimbledon, the end of the fitba’ season, the World Cup, and the start of a new fitba’ season ...

But tonight, one housemate will emerge blinking into the spotlight and no-one - absolutely no-one - will know who they are.

The nation will flick channels and carry on regardless ...

And I give you advance notice - the celeb version of ‘Big Brother’ is about to commence.

Come On Down: The History Of The Game Show

(Sunday, stv, 7.00 p.m.)
Bradley Walsh with a bright and entertaining look at the history of the genre.

Ah, Bernie... the bolt!