The Regent: It’s do or die

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LEVEN Community Cinema has organised an open meeting to take place at The Regent cinema on Sunday at 4 p.m. in a “last ditch” effort to save the community facility.

At the meeting, interested individuals or groups will have the opportunity to share ideas and be given the chance to come together to form a new body to operate the Commercial Road building.

Should no new group be formed The Regent will most likely show its last film on March 24.

Committee member Colin Cunningham told the Mail: “This is the do or die meeting where somebody or some group has to come forward with a proposal.

“Individuals have come forward saying they can bring this and they can bring that to the table but basically we are looking for a group to takeover and there is nobody as yet oame forward with that.”

The saga over The Regent, like most films, has been full of plot twists and turns with the latest coming just last week when the only business in talks with Leven Community Cinema said it was no longer interested.

Last ditch

Colin explained the business’ owner, whose identity was kept private, had alerted the charity the cinema simply wasn’t for them making the meeting all the more crucial.

He added: “This is the last ditch attempt to invite the public and everyone and anyone to come along and air there views, ideas and suggestions to see what we can do from there.

“It is vital for anyone with ideas to step up to the plate.”

The meeting will take the form of an informal discussion and is scheduled to last around an hour.

There is no need to register your attendance in advance, just simply turn up.


It’s understood regardless of the outcome of the meeting Leven Community Cinema will fold as a charity with the onus placed on any new group formed at the meeting to decide how it wants to set itself up.

Any new group will also have to make Leven Community Cinema an offer for its equipment should it wish to make use of it.