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The Boy with Tape on his Face
The Boy with Tape on his Face

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A Christmas Carol

Ali Bastion as Roxie Hart in 'Chicago'

Ali Bastion as Roxie Hart in 'Chicago'

Old Kirk, Kirkcaldy

Stunning, dazzling, like no other show you’ve ever seen - the National Theatre of Scotland’s adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’ within a specially built set inside the Old Kirk took your breath away.

Mixing live performance with puppetry so real you thought they were actors, this genuine five-star show earned standing ovation after standing ovation.

It was dark and gothic, mesmerising and, ultimately, the runaway winner of our show of the year.

Allan Crow

The Award for ‘Something Different’

The Boy With Tape on his Face

Adam Smith Theatre

I wqas sceptical how a man can keep an audience entertained for an entire show without talking.

But The Boy, as he likes to be known, managed it and made it look easy in the process. This show was a breath of fresh air. Simple, clean, fun comedy using mime and a musical soundtrack. There was a lot of audience participation and all those chosen to join him on stage just joined in with the spirit of the show, went with the flow, played their part and helped to make this a fantastic evening of comedy.

Fiona Purnell

Dance Show of the Year

Brendan Cole


The ‘Strictly’ star returned with his live dance show and once again wowed audiences. Elegant dances from some top dancers, glamorous dresses, fantastic music from a live band - this show had it all. Smooth talking bad boy Brendan charmed the crowd and even had everyone up on their feet joining him for a salsa.

Fiona Purnell

Comedy Gig of the Year

Kevin Bridges


A great year for comedy gigs - just don’t mention the shambles that was Kirkcaldy Comedy Festival - with Tom Stade, Danny Bhoy, Rhod Gilbert, Greg Davies and the laugh-til-you-cry Craig Hill delivering superb shows, but noen could match the star power of Mr Bridges who played to full houses for a week at the Alhambra.

Bridges was in superb form throughout, and his material on Glasgow was as good as anything Billy Connolly ever delivered.

One of 2012’s hottest tickets, and our deserved comedy gig of the year

Allan Crow

Cookery Show of the Year

Hardeep Singh Kohli

Carnegie Hall

The Glasgow born Indian presenter served up a real treat with his ‘Indian Takeaway’ and it was a real pity that more people did not take the opportunity to see Hardeep regale his audience with hilarious tales of his childhood while cooking mouthwatering dishes for the crowd – all in the time it took for a takeaway meal to be delivered.

Tanya Scoon

Guilty Pleasure of the Year

Jimmy Tarbuck/Paul Daniels

Rothes Halls

Saw ‘em both, and just can’t quite decide which was the guiltier pleasure!

Both were great fun, both were completely at ease on the stage, and both chucked in some gags almost as old as themselves!

Daniels finished with a trick which, for the life of me, I still don’t know how he did it. Yes, I know, ... that’s magic.

And Tarby’s gentle trip down memory lane was just perfect for his audience.

And asked why he isn’t on telly these days, he said ‘‘because I can’t cook!’’

For that gag alone, he just shades this award

Allan Crow

Best Musical



With well-known songs and terrific dance routines delivered with style by the whole cast, this is our musical of the year. Ali Bastian as Roxie and Genevieve Nicole as Velma wowed audiences with their powerful vocals and impeccable dance moves, based on Bob Fosse’s choreography. The 1920s setting drew the whole theatre right into the world of murder, greed, exploitation, adultery and treachery. This show brought some of the razzle dazzle of the West End to Fife.

Fiona Purnell

The Nice to Be Home Award

Ian Rankin

Lochgelly Theatre

He sauntered on stage at a sold out Lochgelly Theatre and just about knew every person in the audience!

What followed was an hour and a half of the most engaging chat with the crime writer who dropped his first hint that a certain Rebus was about to return.

He talked with great humour about his upbringing in Fife and then spent an eternity signing books in the library as the queue snaked right out the door.

Allan Crow

The Old Rockers Never Fade Award


Alhambra Theatre

I first saw Dan and the boys back in ‘79 on their ‘No Mean City’ tour.

Now into their 42nd year they’re still belting out the old songs and recording new material.

Great to see them pack out the Alhambra for this charity gig, complete with a noisy racket from The Rezillos in support.

Here’s to the 43rd anniversary show ...

Allan Crow

Gig of the Year

The Stranglers


The men in black were back, on tour to support their latest album ‘Giants’ which was released to excellent reviews. A few songs from the album were included in the set and fitted in seamlessly with others from the band’s large back catalogue. But of course, it was the classics that the crowd in the jam-packed Alhambra really wanted to hear and the band didn’t disappoint. Mostly of an age when others would be considering retirement The Stranglers sounded as vital and sprightly as ever. They’ve already got some gigs lined up for 2013. Catch them if you can.

Paul McCabe

Acoustic Gig of the Year

Hugh Cornwell

Adam Smith Theatre

The former Stranglers frontman came to Kirkcaldy as part of a low key solo tour. We wondered beforehand whether he would eschew his time in The Stranglers in favour of his solo material but happily Cornwell has no problems with his past. Many Stranglers songs were aired and were given a new lease of life when performed acoustically. ‘Strange Little Girl’ was quite beautiful and ‘Golden Brown’ done mariachi-style was surprisingly effective. Best of all, the songs from Cornwell’s new album, ‘Totem And Taboo’ were the best of his solo work. We weren’t quite sure what to expect but this proved to be a most memorable evening.

And he came into the foyer to speak to everyone afterwards. Top bloke.

Paul McCabe