The Springsteen Sessions: Born to run into 2015.

Bruce Springsteen tribute acts aren’t exactly lined up all the way down E Street.

While you can barely go a week without tripping over yet another look-a-like, sound-a-like Take That or Abba, the music of The Boss has remained relatively uncovered until recently.

The Springsteen Sessions. ''Pic by George Robertson

The Springsteen Sessions. ''Pic by George Robertson

Springsteen fans are a discerning bunch, so you have to be good if you are going to tackle ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze Out’ or ‘Jungleland’ let alone classics such as ‘Born To Run.’

The Springsteen Sessions do them all - and do them very well.

The seven-piece Scottish band have a pretty good claim to the ‘number one’ Boss tribute act title simply on the basis they are all top notch musicians who focus on the songs rather than trying to be the characters from E Street.

Their own shows aren’t a kick away from Springsteen’s own epic live endeavours - while he’ll think nothing of a relentless three-hour set., The Springsteen Sessions kick in a good two hours of cover numbers which dig deep into the New Jersey man’s songbook.

They have the musicianship to sink their teeth into complex numbers such as ‘Rosalita’ and ‘Jungleland’ as well as taking on classics from ‘Badlands’ to ‘Racing In The Street’ - and they do it all with a sense of fun.

Too many tribute acts become almost po-faced in their sincerity towards the real thing. The Springsteen Sessions simply enjoy playing his greatest songs.

They stay faithful to original scores, throw in some Boss-esque dance moves - he doesn’t have that many, let’s be honest - but they also have fun, which quickly transmits to their audiences.

The band are back on the road this year.

They started with a Ne’er gig at The Ferry, Glasgow, and are at the Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh on January 31, and the Village Theatre, East Kilbride, on February 7.

Recommended for fans of the Boss - and lovers of top notch live music and a darn good night out.

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