The toilet roll of honour ...

Tracy Spowart in Pittenweem Pharmacy's latest video
Tracy Spowart in Pittenweem Pharmacy's latest video

FIRST it was an ambitious attempt at the Christmas number one single, then it was a cheeky bit of bath time fun in a bid to sell his house but now Pittenweem Pharmacy manager Iain Rooney has turned to toilet humour for his latest video.

Readers might remember Iain, who lives in Cellardyke, from his previous video funnies but this time he has handed the lead role in his latest ‘cinematic masterpiece’ to the pharmacy’s Tracy Spowart... but has made her share the spotlight with a bog full of toilet roll.

Launched on YouTube last week the 55-second black and white clip sees Tracy cavorting round the village trailing loo paper behind her – with Iain’s brother singing a jingle in the background including lines such as “be it one ply or two, pink white or blue, quilted or plain there’s no two the same”.

But believe it or not the ‘advert’ isn’t actually promoting toilet roll for sale in the Pharmacy’s shop.

“We’re trying to promote our Facebook page,” Iain revealed.

“We’re not trying to take over the world but we want to use it (Facebook) ultimately to speak to our patients to tell them about health information.

“At the moment we are at a growth stage with the page so we thought we could do sort of silly things like the video to try and get people to ‘like’ it.

“That way when we post things it will come up in people’s news feeds.

“In the village we are a post-office, a pharmacy and a newsagent.

‘‘We’re a bit of a hub so it’s about being connected with people and it’s about being approachable.

“If more people can see that we are just having a bit of a laugh people might be more inclined to come in and ask questions they might not usually ask.”

Up next in Pittenweem Pharmacy’s video funnies will be a Mother’s Day special featuring the offer of buy-one-get-one-free razors - jokingly for mum’s to be able to shave their top lips as well as their legs.

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