The true costs of parking in Kirkcaldy...

Kirkcaldy town centre parking
Kirkcaldy town centre parking

The costs of parking in Kirkcaldy town centre have been laid bare in a new report.

In the past five years the Lang Toun paid nearly HALF of all town centre parking revenue in Fife.

Cost of parking in Kirkcaldy revealed

Cost of parking in Kirkcaldy revealed

And it would have been more had councillors not scrapped Tolbooth Street car park in 2012 - their third highest source of car park income.

The document, called ‘Parked?’ was commissioned by Kirkcaldy4All to shine a light on the issue which has been identified by the majority of BID members as the biggest challenge they face.

Car parking is perceived as a major weakness - and a barrier that keeps people out of the town centre, sending them instead to retail parks or to Glenrothes where spaces are free.

This year’s survey of BID levy payers brought home the impact parking policies have had on key businesses.

Some members blamed it for as much as a reduction of two per cent in their revenue.

To put that into hard cash, it means Kirkcaldy’s town centre, the largest in Fife, has suffered “£9million of lost sales each year ... or a staggering £45m since 2009.

And that comes at a time when the town’s population is growing - meaning more people should becoming to the High Street to shop locally.

The report states: ‘‘Parking is neither fair nor equitable for visitors, residents and businesses in Kirkcaldy.’’

The evidence is there to back up the statement.

Car park costs per business in Kirkcaldy are around 16 per cent higher than Dunfermline, and more than two-thirds higher than St Andrews, states the report.

Kirkcaldy motorists are paying 50 per cent more per space to park than folk in Cupar.

In the Lang Toun drivers paid out £971,000 on tickets to park - that works out at around £600 per space each year.

The equivalent figure for Cupar is £400, and if you exclude free car parks in the north-east town, the figure falls to juist £200.

That revenue is also crucial to transportation’s budget.

Of the £10m raised in revenue from parking in the past five years, some 43 per cent has come from Kirkcaldy town centre.

The Postings is the single biggest revenue generator.

It brings in £239,000 per year - that’s £1.4m in the past five years - a good £200,000 more than Dunfermline (£769,000), and four times as much as St Andrews (£255,000). Cupar generated £63,000.