The Vic: Urgent action taken on hygiene report

Victoria Hospital has three months to meet the requirements of HEI
Victoria Hospital has three months to meet the requirements of HEI

A conference was called by NHS Fife following the damning report on Victoria Hospital after unannounced inspections last year.

Friday’s meeting was called by Allan Burns, chairman, and attended by members of NHS Fife board to discuss the criticisms over the standards of cleanliness and hygiene noted in the damning report - and look at the best way forward.

The hospital has three months to show improvements.

The Health Environment Inspectorate (HEI) found a high number of mattresses and other patient equipment contaminated with blood and other body fluids in the wards and units it had assessed including A & E, maternity inpatient unit and Intensive Care Unit on three separate occasions in December.

Speaking after the meeting, Councillor Andrew Rodger, executive health spokesman and a member of the NHS Fife Board, said he was disappointed with the inspectors’ findings.

He told the Press: “After reading the report I was both upset and troubled.

“I believe that the people of Fife deserve the highest standards in clinical and hygiene care.

“I will always continue to ask for action plans to address where things have gone wrong and seek assurances that action will be taken,” he continued.

Following the inspections and subsequent report, the HEI has laid out seven recommendations and requirements that must be met by NHS Fife within a three-month period.

These include all wards and units completing standard infection control precautions and esuring that the hospital environment is clean at all times.

“What I will be looking for in the future is evidence that changes regarding systems or staff input have brought about a positive result if any more 
inspections were to take place in the future,” Cllr Rodger said.

“I also will be asking that we have regular reports on the matter and I have thanked both staff from health and social work for their hard work over a demanding Christmas and New Year period.”

Postive steps have now been taken by NHS Fife and Victoria Hospital to carry out the actions required before the follow up inspection takes place.

Dr Brian Montgomery, interim chief executive for NHS Fife, said: “Following the inspection visit in December, urgent action was taken to address all areas requiring improvement.

“At the conference, the Board was able to note that the action plan is having a positive impact.

“This has been confirmed by an external review undertaken by Health Protection Scotland at the request of NHS Fife,” Dr Montgomery continued.

A comprehensive action plan which will address all areas of concern that was highlighted by the inspectors has been implemented and any ongoing progress within the action plan is closely monitored and will be reported back through the NHS Fife Board.