The work is done ... let’s pour a beer!

Herzogsfest Ingolstadt, July 2014
Herzogsfest Ingolstadt, July 2014

An invitation to attend a recent festival in Ingolstadt provided two committee members of the Kirkcaldy Ingolstadt Association the chance to finalise arrangements for the town’s Bavarian Beer and Music Festival.

Robert Main, chairman of the association, and Jim Cooper, treasurer, recently attended the Herzogsfest - Duke’s Fest - in the Bavarian town as invited guests of the City of Ingolstadt.

The Herzogsfest is a medieval reenactment that takes place every second year in the grounds of Ingolstadt Castle.

Representatives from the other nine twin towns of the Ingolstadt were also present at the event, including Foshan China that created a formal link in January this year and a delegation from Legmoin, Burkina Faso.

Beyond the festival a programme of activity was organised to the university town of Eichstatt, a sculpture park and World War One exhibition.

And while they were in Germany Robert and Jim organised a planning meeting ahead of the Bavarian Beer and Music Festival, which is taking place in Kirkcaldy next week.

The festival is expected to attract over 8000 people to a marquee in the Town Square when it runs from Thursday, August 21 to Sunday, August 24.

The music programme for the weekend will be led by bands from the twin towns and supported by performances from local musicians including Dysart Brass Band, Sangsters, Fife Strathspey and Reel Society, Coaltown Daisies and Folk That.

The independent HerrenBrau brewery in Ingolstadt is bringing barrels containing two varieties of beer - Weizen, a wheat beer, and Helles, made from Hops - to Fife.

Robert told the Press: “The opportunity was taken to meet with our sister club FINKY (Friendship Ingolstadt Kirkcaldy ) and Mailing Brass band to finalise the arrangements for the Bavarian Beer and Music Festival.

“The good news is that the beer is now in transit and is due to arrive in the Town Square next Wednesday in time for the festival opening on Thursday, August 21 at 4.00 p.m.”

He added: “We are looking for good weather community support to what will be a tremendous four days.”