The ‘wrong way round’ bin

Wheelie bin - right way round?
Wheelie bin - right way round?

Rubbish left because bin faced the wrong way ...

A Kirkcaldy man has been left angry and puzzled after refuse collectors told him they hadn’t emptied his bin because it was “facing the wrong direction.”

Anil Kumar of the town’s Carlyle Road, was away on business when his girlfriend put their bin out on the pavement for collection by Fife Council.

However, he couldn’t believe his ears when she called later that day to tell him that their bin had not been emptied because she had put it out facing the wrong way.

“I thought she was having a joke when she said that, but she was serious,” he explained.

“There was a printed letter stuck on to the bin saying that it hadn’t been emptied because it was facing in the wrong direction and the wheels should have been facing a certain way before they would move it.

“Neither of us had ever heard of this rule before and to be honest we both found the letter very insulting.”

Mr Kumar immediately called Fife Council’s environmental health department to find out what to do.

“They basically told me that there was nothing they could do about it, and were no help whatsoever when I asked what I was supposed to do with my rubbish for the next two weeks as the bin was already full.

“I pay my taxes like everyone and for them to turn round and say they won’t empty a rubbish bin because of some stupid rule which says it must face a certain way seems unbelievable.

“The refuse collectors may have been a bit annoyed and have had to turn a few bins around that day, but to just refuse to collect it seems over the top. I work in the service industry and it just doesn’t work like that.

‘‘Small things annoy me, but I still have to provide a service.

“I wouldn’t have minded if they had knocked on the door and just asked us to turn the bin round next time, but this is ridiculous.”

The Council response

Martin Kingham, service manager:

“We occasionally need to place advisory stickers on bins when our operatives have had particular difficulty in getting access to the handles.

“We do, however, still make every effort to empty the bin provided it is safe to do so and a team did return and empty the bin earlier this week.

“We are currently investigating this issue.”