There is walking the walk and then there is running it

Sheena and Johnny Logan
Sheena and Johnny Logan

FOR most people completing the Fife Coastal Path over time is a worthy feat but one couple are raising the stakes by planning to run it in 24 hours.

Husband and wife duo Jonny and Sheena Logan aim to complete 108 miles of the path between Maggie’s Edinburgh and Maggie’s Dundee in the space of one day to raise money for the local branch of the cancer care charity as part of Bob’s Walk.

Featured in last week’s Press Bob’s Walk, named after Markinch GP Dr Bob Grant, will see Dr Grant, who himself first underwent treatment for the disease aged 14, walk the distance with a team of 15 walkers to raise money for Maggie’s Fife where, he is chairman of the associate fundraising board.

His group hope to complete it in nine days from August 3-11, eight days more than Jonny and Sheena, who will start in the morning of August 10 and finish at the same time the following day.

Sheena, who knows Dr Grant from working as a pharmacist in Markinch, said she and her husband just want to do something challenging that will raise money in Dr Grant’s name.

“I keep in touch with what he does and he is just such an inspiration.

“When Dr Grant said he was doing this I just thought I wanted to show the best support we could and we thought we could give it a go and see if we could run it.”

Sheena and Grant are no strangers to physical exercise. Sheena has competed in triathlons and Jonny has won five Commonwealth Games gold medals (from 2002-10) for rowing but Sheena thinks this may be their biggest challenge yet.

“I think it will be very hard,” she continued. “I think it will be harder than anything we have done mainly for the duration we have to keep going for.

“We’ve been doing the Coastal Path in sections for training and we have some very good friends who are going to support us by cycling and running parts of it with us.

“We really hope we can finish it within 24 hours.

“It’s a big challenge but we are looking forward to it.”