There’s a new spirit we cannot let go ...

Marie Penman
Marie Penman

The leader of the Kirkcaldy Yes campaign has said the passion and support she has witnessed since last week’s referendum result has convinced her to continue to fight for independence.

Marie Penman says she has been flooded with messages of encouragement, which shows the will for change is still strong.

“I was devastated, hurt, distraught and stunned with the ‘No’ decision,” she said.

“Based on our canvassing which was over 7000 doors, I was quite confident that ‘Yes’ was going to win.

“What is so hard to take is that it’s the people who want and need change who voted ‘Yes’.

“It’s the poor, the needy and also young people who voted for change, but unfortunately they were steamrollered by those who are only interested in themselves.

“But the day after, I was swamped with emails of support and I thought that we can’t let this go.

“There’s a real spirit and conviction out there and we have to try and keep this going.”

The Yes shop on the High Street was closed the day after the referendum as the landlord had a new tenant moving in. “That was heartbreaking,” Marie said.

“Most of the team came in and helped to clear it out. It was really sad because it had been such a happy, bustling place and so full of positivity.”

The ‘Yes’ movement has now unofficially changed to an online campaign called ‘The 45’ which already has over 170,000 likes on Facebook.

Marie said: “I can understand the 45 campaign maybe looks a bit strange just now but, at the moment, it’s a recognisable figure for people to gather under. I think it will eventually become more organised and become something different and powerful.”

As far as Marie is concerned, the chance for independence will come around again.

“I’m hopeful there will be another referendum in about five years time. This movement is not going to go away.

“The SNP membership has doubled since Friday and we need to be seen to stay in the public eye.

“The times are changing and we’ll see that in the general election. Labour are going to get a doing and it’ll serve them right!”

‘Yes’ rally in Town Square

Thousands of ‘Yes’ supporters are expected at a rally outside the Scottish Parliament this Saturday at noon to show their support independence - and Kirkcaldy is to hold its own similar event.

Those who backed the ‘Yes’ campaign are being asked to go along to the Town Square at 1.00 p.m. where the rally will be held.

Marie said: “It’s a show of support for those who still feel strongly about fighting for independence.

“We’re also expecting some who voted ‘No’ who are already feeling duped by the failure of the three party leaders to deliver on their pledge to come along too.”