They shall go to the ball!

Glenrothes Theatre Company's cast for 'Cinderella'.
Glenrothes Theatre Company's cast for 'Cinderella'.

GLENROTHES Theatre Company begin a three night run of their annual festive show tonight (Wednesday).

‘Cinderella’ is being performed at Rothes Halls, in an adaptation by award-wnning Leslie playwright Ron Nicol.

Jessica Daly - a member of Ron’s wife Norma’s evening drama classes, whose potential led to her being invited to join the company as a junior member - takes the title role in the much-loved pantomime.

And Norma has high hopes for the 14 year-old, commenting: “She’s very talented, has a good presence on stage and is very keen and quick to learn.”

Buttons is played by Charis Fraser, while three of the company’s most experienced members, Lee Mitchell (Hysteria), Aileen Henderson (Amnesia) and Audrey Stevenson (Countess Verruca) also feature.

Audrey is a founding member of the company and played the lead in its first production in 1979, since which she has performed over 50 parts.

Other cast members include Anna Gorniak (Prince Charming) Stephanie Childs (The Fairy Godmother), Billy Hardie (King Bilious), and Nikki Conn (Dandini).

Supporting players include Emma Laing (Herald), Mhairi Prendergast (Messenger), and Holly Kesterton, while drama class members from ages eight to 12 appear as lords, ladies and courtiers.

Audience members are invited to bring their own masks to wear during the ball scenes – not to mention providing the traditional choruses of boos and jeers for the ‘villains’.

Friday night’s performance is sold out, but some tickets remain for tonight and Thursday at the Hall’s box office, telephone 611101.

Curtain goes up at 7.30p.m.