Thief cuts live 24Ov cable in metal raid on Glenrothes yard

The depot site where metal thief cut through live 240v cable
The depot site where metal thief cut through live 240v cable

A reckless metal thief put their own life in danger after cutting through a live 240 volt power cable during a break in Glenrothes.

Police have issued a special appeal for information as to the perpetrator, who they say could have sustained injuries.

The incident happened sometime overnight on Sunday to Monday, March 16 -17 at the former Fife Council yard on Poplar Road in the new town.

PC Ross Philp, who is in charge of the investigation, told the Gazette: “During the break-in, an amount of copper piping and copper wiring was stolen, and while in the yard the thief also cut through a live 240 volt cable, causing an electrical blast.

“While it is possible that the explosion was not life threatening, it is expected that whoever did this will have injured themselves and is likely to require medical attention.

“We are keen to trace the person responsible to ensure their well-being, as well as deal with the criminal issues surrounding this incident.”

Inspector Derek Paxton from Glenrothes area added: “The theft is a particularly reckless act and could quite easily sustained serious injuries or ended up in a fatality.

“We would appeal to anyone thinking of carrying out such a crime to think twice about doing so, they could be exposing themselves to considerable danger.”

Anyone with information about this incident, or knows who is responsible, is asked to call Police Scotland on 101 or provide the information anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.