Thief leaves Wemyss members angered

Coaltown of Wemyss Bowling Club'flag stolen whilst at half mast 'September 2012
Coaltown of Wemyss Bowling Club'flag stolen whilst at half mast 'September 2012

A “DESPICABLE” thief has once again stolen a flag, flown at half mast as a mark of respect following a local death, from a village bowling club.

Shamefully, over the past two years, four flags have been stolen from Coaltown of Wemyss Bowling Club – all have had been flying at half mast at the time to mark the passing of a member or a local person.

Greenkeeper Dave Bogie noticed the most recent theft on Monday morning last week.

The flag had been lowered in respect of an elderly woman who had lived in the village all her life.

Mr Bogie told the Mail: “Whoever is doing it, if it is the same person, is a sad reflection on life as it is at the moment.

“We have never caught anybody doing it. We have contacted the police in the past, but not this time.

“I don’t know if it is people walking or driving through the village and seeing the flag.

“It seems to happen late at night or early morning.”

Mr Bogie added the most recent theft was of a Union flag but, in the past, a Saltire and a plain flag had been stolen, suggesting it was unlikely that someone had taken offence to the particular flag flown.

The club does not know why the flag is being targeted while at half mast. One possibility could be it was easier to reach at that height by climbing on top of the perimeter wall.

Fellow club members Charlie Mathie and Alex Drysdale joined Mr Bogie in condemning the thief.

Mr Mathie described him or her as a “despicable person”.

He continued: “It is not the fact they are stealing the flag that is so wrong. It is the disrespect that people actually show by stealing a flag that is at half mast.”

Mr Drysdale added: “It’s a disgrace. The flag is there as a mark of respect – we don’t want to say we can only fly it from 8am till 5pm.”

A new flag has since been raised to full mast and securely fastened.