Thief stole my presents while I slept

Danielle Trainer
Danielle Trainer

CHRISTMAS presents bought by a Kirkcaldy student to give to her family and friends were stolen from her living room while she slept this week.

Danielle Trainer was shocked and upset to discover the gifts had been taken following a break-in at her High Street flat in the early hours of Friday.

And the theft left the accountancy student too upset to sit a degree examination that day.


The 25-year-old is urging householders to make sure their homes are secure to prevent them from going through a similar experience.

She told the Press: “I’d been sleeping and my flatmate had left the door unlocked by accident.

“Someone just walked in and lifted the presents.

“When I got up in the morning I noticed the front door was ajar.

“I then noticed the bags of presents had gone.”

Danielle said around 60 presents, with an estimated value of £1300 were stolen.

“I always go over the top at Christmas,” she said.

“Everyone gives me a row.

“I like to buy one main present for everyone and then lots of little things.

“When I discovered they had gone I just burst out crying.

“It was horrible, the fact someone had been in the house, but also to think the gifts I’d bought and wrapped for people would be unwrapped by someone else wanting to see what they could get for them.”

The incident has left Danielle feeling “gutted” and has taken its toll on her.

She said: “I was meant to have an exam on Friday but my mind couldn’t concentrate.

“The only thing I could think about was what had happened.

“I didn’t sit the exam and am now going to take a re-sit in August.”


Danielle said her family and friends had been very supportive since the incident.

But she urged people to think about the security of their homes.

She added: “If there’s any doubt, double check doors are locked.”

Fife Police are urging anyone with any information relating to the incident to call them on 0845 600 5702.