Thieves condemned after second attack on Glenrothes bowling club

Thieves have targeted Dovecot Park Bowing Club for a second time. Pic: Steve Brown
Thieves have targeted Dovecot Park Bowing Club for a second time. Pic: Steve Brown

Members of a Glenrothes bowling club say thieves could force the community- based facility to close if they continue to be targeted.

They struck late last Monday evening, making off with artificial turf that had been ripped from panelling around the green.

It’s the second time the members of Dovecot Park Bowing Club in Glenrothes have suffered in recent months. Earlier this year the club were the victims of a similar theft which cost the club several hundred pounds worth of repairs.

“It’s totally unacceptable, and if it continues it could threaten the future of the club,” Stewart MacInroy, club president told the Gazette.

“We are a small but close-knit club run by volunteers, we can’t afford to keep paying out for repairs like this.”

Police confirmed they were looking into the latest incident which they estimate has resulted in approximately £900 worth of turf and materials stolen from the club.

“We call on anyone who witnessed anything on the night or suspects someone is involved to contact us immediately,” said Community Sergeant Kenny Greig.

Glenrothes MP Peter Grant, himself a keen bowler, condemned the attack adding: ”It’s no exaggeration to say that small local sports clubs can go out of existence if they keep having to spend money repairing this kind of mindless destruction.”

Club secretary Michael Mowat said the club would do all it could to prevent further attacks but called on local residents to remain vigilant.