Thieves ditch cricket club pitch

Kenny Chrichton inspects the damage
Kenny Chrichton inspects the damage

A section of artificial pitch that was stolen from Glenrothes Cricket Club recently has been recovered.

The club believe the thieves may have been forced into dumping the 11 foot by 3 foot pitch after the theft was highlighted in the Gazette last week.

A member of the public contacted the club following last week’s story about how club operation officer Kenny Crichton discovered the theft last Monday when he turned up at the club’s new base at Gilvenbank Park.

“Someone got in touch last Thursday to say they had seen the story in the Gazette and then spotted the pitch up near the riding school at Balfarg.

“They sent me a picture but I wasn’t sure until I went up and looked and realised it was ours.

“We can’t use it now, there’s too much damage but it looks like whoever took it has been spooked by the story appearing in the Gazette.”

The club managed to replace the pitch on time for their first game of the new season last Saturday - only to have the game cancelled due to the weather.

Security at Gilvenbank will now be stepped up in response to the theft.

Extra CCTV cameras will shortly be installed in the area where the artificial pitch is in addition to the four cameras that are already in place at the practice nets.

“I don’t know what it was worth to whoever took it,” Kenny explained.

“But we’ve had some great support from people in the town and now we have replaced the pitch and we’re getting more cameras in as well.”