Think again Council told as bin row leads to a public meeting

Some of the Kinghorn residents with their petition
Some of the Kinghorn residents with their petition

A PUBLIC meeting to discuss council plans to change waste collections in streets in Kinghorn and Burntisland has been arranged.

Councillor George Kay is backing residents in St James Place Kinghorn and Lammerlaws Burntisland who are united in their condemnation of the proposals which would see them having to take their bins several hundred yards to the road ends to be uplifted.

And he has arranged a meeting in Kinghorn Community Centre on Monday to get the views of those involved.

Councillor Kay stepped in after being contacted by angry residents, who said that Fife Council’s claims that their roads were “difficult to access”, were nonsense, and that there had never been any problems with bin lorries getting along them.

Ken Mullen, who has collected a 50-signature petition in Kinghorn, said the residents would not give up their fight against the plans.

“Everyone is against them and we don’t see why we should have to do this when the current system works fine,” he said, adding that many elderly and infirm residents would be unable to push their bins so far.

One woman from Lammerlaws, who did not wish to be named, added: “It’s bad enough getting bins to where they have to be now without having to take them to the road end, particularly in winter.”

Speaking to the Press this week, Councillor Kay said: “At our ward meeting we were given an explanation on the reason for the changes which was that the Council wanted to get rid of one of its smaller lorries and this is what had precipitated this action, not access difficulties.

“The councillors felt this was uncceptable and asked the officer to rethink the council’s plans and come back to the next ward meeting in early August with an acceptable solution. We asked also that we suspend any proposed changes to the present collection system. This was also agreed.

“I am in the process of contacting all those people concerned in both Kinghorn and Burntisland and inviting them to a meeting early next week to consult on their views on any proposed changes.”