This cannot be helping little Cloe

Dallas Drive damp house
Dallas Drive damp house

A KIRKCALDY family claim that problems with dampness in their home is affecting the health of their seven-month-old baby who was born with lung problems.

And they are appealing for Fife Council to take action to solve the problem quickly before little Cloe McArthur’s condition gets any worse.

Lisa (25), and Craig McArthur (33), who live with Cloe and their two older girls Tegan (8), and Amber (7), say the problem became a lot worse last autumn when they had the roof of their two-bedroomed house in Dallas Drive replaced.

“It wasn’t bad over the summer, then the council came in around September time to replace the roof and there was a lot of rain and it got really damp and it has been like that ever since,” said Lisa.

“The problem is worst in the older girls’ room and it comes down from the roof.

Lung problem

‘‘I phoned the council and they sent someone out who told me to wipe down the walls, but it just comes back again.

“It is now starting to come into our room where Cloe also sleeps.

‘‘She has a chronic lung problem from being born at just 26 weeks and we think this is making her worse.

‘‘It can’t be doing her lungs any good.

“She was kept in hospital for the first three months and she has been home for about four months now.

“I have tried keeping the rooms warm and ventilated, but it doesn’t seem to be making much difference and the council isn’t doing anything about it.”


Lisa said a recent meeting of the tenants and residents’ association had highlighted the problem with a number of houses and the treasurer was taking a note of those affected to make the council’s housing department aware of the situation and how many homes are affected by damp.

“We are just at our wits end and we don’t know where to go for help,” added Lisa.

Russell Gray, the council’s lead officer for maintenance and improvements, said: “There have been issues with damp in the upper properties and as a result we replaced the roof on the block a few weeks ago.

‘‘Any affected have been advised to heat and vent their homes to allow them to dry out and we will be monitoring the situation over the next few weeks.”