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Dave Whyte
Dave Whyte
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A KIRKCALDY nuclear veteran has won a legal victory against the Ministry of Defence forcing the Government to release radiation exposure records.

David Whyte took the MoD to court for refusing to provide information about the radiation levels he was exposed to while serving in the armed forces in the 1950s.


The 75-year-old witnessed five nuclear blasts on Christmas Island in the Pacific. He claims he was given protective clothing for just one of the five blasts and was never further than 10 to 15 miles away from them.

The former soldier claims the radiation robbed him of the chance of ever having a family and believes the exposure is responsible for his other health problems.

For years he was told by the MoD they did not have the information he sought, but now a ruling by the Information Tribunal Court in London has forced them to release it.

His London solicitors have now passed the records to experts for analysis. The move could prove to be a landmark case opening the door for Mr Whyte and up to 1000 other veterans to win substantial compensation.

Mr Whyte said: “I am delighted I have been able to prove the Ministry of Defence have been lying about radiation levels for over 60 years.

“They have caused unnecessary frustration and anxiety to many people whilst attempting to conceal the truth.

“There is still a long way to go before the MoD have the courage to admit the atrocities committed against our servicemen were premeditated and planned with the full knowledge of the consequences.”


Mr Whyte’s MP Lindsay Roy welcomed the decision: “I want to congratulate David for his determination and resilience in following this through. There’s no doubt there has been a grave injustice.

“David and the others fully deserve any compensation or pension they receive.”

Mr Whyte still doesn’t know what happened to his medical records and personal film badge which recorded precisely how much radiation he absorbed at the time.