This is why Fifers pay more to hire a taxi

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Residents in Fife are paying the second highest taxi fares in Scotland, it was heard at a regulation and licensing committee.

The claim came as cabbies argued for a fares freeze at last week’s meeting of the regulation and licensing committee

For rate one hires – between 6..00am and 10.00pm – taxis in Fife charge £3.20 for the first 1000 yards and 20p for every additional 150 yards.

This means a two mile journey will cost approximately £6.60.

The same journey in Edinburgh would cost £6.35, in Glasgow £6, and in Dundee £5.66.

They only place in Scotland more expensive is East Lothian, where it would cost £6.80 for the same journey, according to the industry magazine, Private Hire and Taxi Monthly.

Last week, taxi drivers called for the fares to remain the same, as they feared any increase would have a negative affect on business.

In 2017, Fife councillors approved an average of 10 per cent rate rise for taxi services, with the highest rate going up by 12 per cent.

Gillian Love, committee administrator, told councillors: “One taxi firm in Leven said that increasing the fares would badly affect businesses.

“Currently they are seeing stable business, but any increase would negatively impact them.”

Councillors agreed that if there were no objections, the current fare rates would be confirmed in December to continue for another year.