This is your garden, please look after it

Junaid Syed and Cllr Judy Hamilton in the peace garden
Junaid Syed and Cllr Judy Hamilton in the peace garden

a SPECIAL garden containing a message of peace for all is set to open in Kirkcaldy this weekend – despite being targeted by vandals just hours after the finishing touches were added.

And the Fife Inter-Faith Group, which is behind the project, hopes that, when people learn about its significance, it will be looked after by the whole community.

The symbolic garden, in a quiet area of Beveridge Park, features a central stone pole carved with a message on each of its four sides in English, Polish, Urdu and Arabic, the four most common tongues in Fife, and is surrounded by slabbing and plant beds with three benches in a circle around it.

However, just hours after the benches were concreted into place last week, they were ripped out from their foundations, damaging them and causing paving around them to crack.


Repairs have been carried out, and the benches have now been put back in place in time for the opening ceremony at noon on Saturday.

“We just have to hope and pray that the same thing doesn’t happen again,” said Frank Bowness, secretary of the group.

“We have asked the local youths to come on board the project and help to look after it like they do their skate park, and we hope they will do so.”

The project, which cost around £16,000 has been funded by grants from Awards for All Scotland and Fife Enterprise Trust, with local businesses George Sweeney Junior donating the stone and John Thomson doing the carving on it.

A reception for local religious leaders, dignitaries and others involved in the project is being laid on by the Dean Park Hotel in the town before the unveiling ceremony.